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Military to Civilian Work Force Reintegration

Veteran Hiring Myths…And Truths

Over the past nine years of helping thirteen thousand plus military veterans enter fantastic meaningful, lucrative post-Service project management careers in over one thousand companies, I have run into several widely-held, stubborn myths about us as a population.   And they’re not true.   And

Nature, Nurture, and the Veteran’s Creed?

Yep!   As I was leaving the local Boathouse store buying supplies to work on a small project on my sailboat Pegasus, I looked up and saw these colors flying proudly from a multi-yard armed nautical flag pole against a gorgeous Space Coast Florida sky.

Value through Capability gets Lost in Translation

Think about how difficult it is just to survive in a land where you don’t know the language, much less thrive.   It’s extremely difficult at best right!   Yet this is the challenge faced by every single one of the 200-to-250,000 military veterans entering

The Military-to-Civilian Workforce Transition Hole Story

“One day, a military member transitioning out of their military Service Branch and back into the civilian workforce, the “CIVDIV”, fell into the Transition Hole, and he couldn’t get out.   Later, as a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer walked by, the stuck Transitioning Soldier called out

“Two” produces amazing things!

Like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.   Or a chocolate peanut butter cup.   Or a chocolate syrup drizzled vanilla ice cream sundae.   Or glaze and a doughnut.   Or honey and tea.   Or a wonderful tango dance experience.  That’s where the