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Project Management Professional ("PMP®") Certificate

Difficulty discussing your mission, exercise, tasker, and deployment experiences to civilians? Since the definition of missions and temporary endeavors in the civilian labor force are the same, projects, learn to speak and certify your specialized experience with your PMP certificate and be in high demand.

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Certified Associate in Project Management ("CAPM®") Certificate

Need to execute missions, taskers, and deployments more effectively and efficiently? Increase your technical level skills and knowledge by certifying with your CAPM certificate, so everyone is speaking the same way and using the same tools.

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Certified Manager® ("CM®") Certificate

Struggling to translate your military operational experience? Learn to translate it, and validate it, with your CM, so civilians hire you!

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Project Management Institute Agile Certified Practitioner® ("PMI-ACP®") Certificate

Do you find yourself doing a lot of non-standard work with fuzzy outcomes?  Develop a mindset and a capability to successfully adapt and incorporate change consistently with your PMI-ACP®. Learn how to handle this emerging global requirement with ease.

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Associate Professional in Human Resources®️ ("aPHR®️") Certificate

Trouble translating your morale and welfare leadership experience?  Turn your force management skills into civilian talent management skills. Speak and certify with your aPHR certificate, and land a meaningful, and lucrative human resources job.

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Project Scrum Master Certificate

Are you struggling to implement agile? More than half of corporate America uses Scrum because it is simple and lightweight. Certify as a Scrum Master to coach organizations through their implementation of a popular methodology.

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Train your staff or team to be more successful with proven Vets2PM resources.

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Our Process

1. Veteran Inspiration

You have in-demand skills civilian employers need. You just need some inspiration and translation because you might not know how your current skills apply.

2. Get Certified & Credentialed

We use our decades of experience in developing, managing, and sourcing world-class training to ensure successful and in-demand certifications employers and civilian organizations need and want. Let us handle the research for you. If we don’t develop it, we find it.

3. Civilian Professional Development

It is important to walk, talk, and look professional in ways civilian organizations understand. They don’t get deployments, TDYs, or PCSs but We do! Certifications are good but you need a great resume, social profile, and interview skills to get the job, we can help.

4. Lifetime Placement Services

We proudly provide a lifetime of placement services with our proprietary, cultivated, and curated database we call “PurpleX.” Psst. joining this database is free! Click “Learn More” below to add yourself by clicking the register tab and filling in your information.

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