Human Capital Management

Merriam Webster Online defines “human capital” as “the skills, knowledge, and qualifications of a person [or] group considered as economic assets”.

To us at Vets2PM, “persons” and “group” mean “military members reintegrating back into the workforce” (Wright, 2024).

Related to our human capital mission to help military members land meaningful, lucrative post-Service project management careers, is the byproduct, or secondary mission, of helping them do so through careers with Corporate America. Hiring qualified military veterans creates competitive advantage. And in fact, researchers Memon, Riaz, and Rohra (2009) find “human capital is the major source of competitive advantage”.

That’s because veterans in the civilian workforce bring a high aptitude for technical learning at an accelerated pace, commitment, maturity, responsibility, accountability, critical thinking, curiosity, determination, autonomy, resiliency, and decision-making skills to operate independently as both team members and managers.

Vets2PM’s revolutionary DoD-approved Skillbridge program produces highly trained, certified, talented project managers. Call today to create competitive advantage for your organization tomorrow, because “human capital is what develops and sustains an organization’s unique competitive advantage, which in turn results in better firm performance” (Walker, D.C., 2001).

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