Why We Do What We Do

76% of the thousands of post-911 military veterans surveyed by Military Transition.Org “completely agree” or “somewhat agree” that their transition from military-to-civilian occupation was “stressful”.

And at Vets2PM, we believe them! That’s because our own transitions from the Navy, Army, and Air Force were “stressful”, “confusing”, and “painful” as well!

That’s exactly why though, in only 6 years, we at Vets2PM have helped over 4,000 service members and veterans and counting achieve meaningful, lucrative post-service careers.

During that time, we have found that a lot of these feelings stem from 2 primary sources:

1. Reimagining oneself professionally is challenging because many veterans don’t know what civilian career field options they have based on the knowledge, skills, and abilities that they already possess.

2. They struggle to translate their military experience clearly and effectively into civilian experience.

That’s why we created and share our proven process and “GO-BAG” of free and paid occupation transition tools with transitioning service members and veterans!


We help Military Veterans achieve Meaningful, Lucrative Careers by: 1. Inspiring them with a clear, meaningful, lucrative end-state as a career project, human resources, cyber security, or general manager. 2. Train them to deliver project and operational success and obtain associated management credentials; 3. Prepare them for CIVDIV reintegration with professional resumes, interview skills, and social media savvy; 4. Place them into meaningful, lucrative management careers.


We will be the premier professional management trainer of choice for the Military, Defense, Labor, and Veteran communities; and we will be a leader in the movement to help military Members, Veterans, and Retirees make a successful transition to civilian life after their honorable and dedicated service to their country.


We only took off the uniform, not our oath to our Brothers and Sisters; not one of them gets left behind.


Integrity – We believe in honesty and transparency; all of our communication and interactions with others are always truthful, transparent, and clear. We treat everyone with respect and dignity.

Commitment – We believe that our success is measured only by how successful we help those trusting us become; we always keep our commitments to our clients, customers, team mates, processes and systems, company image and culture, and profession.

Excellence – We believe in doing the best we can at everything we attempt; we constantly demonstrate responsibility, accountability, and ownership for all timely, accurate work products we produce. We continually seek improvement in our processes, technology, relationships, and ultimately our character. We strive to ensure that our clients receive the absolute best training, preparation, support, and customer service available anywhere.

Why Would You Choose Vets2PM?

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If that wasn’t enough how about this:

  1. Relationship – Vets2PM’s courses can be repeated as many times as you want for 1-year from purchase!
  2. Approved – We assist and make “applications to test” easy and provide audit defense! Pssst. we haven’t lost one yet!!
  3. 24/7 Access – After live attendance, you have streaming and downloadable resources because YOUR timeline is important to us!
  4. Success – We have a 94% first-time pass rate and care about you achieving your goal not getting sucked into the free retesting if you fail scheme. We do transparency, not hurdles and obstacles.
  5. Paychecks Rock! – Certificates and credentials are great but why stop there, we offer FREE LIFETIME placement! Because you can’t buy a coffee with that cert unless you get a job that is.

We are all decorated Veterans, Veteran spouses, or Veteran children, successful project managers, and proven educators, meaning you have access to the best possible cadre and staff!

Meet Your Vets2PM Teamu2026

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Eric "Doc" Wright, PH.D., CM


Doc Wright is the Founder of Vets2PM, LLC, 501c3 VPMMA, and Amazon #1 Best Seller, with expertise in financial and project management, accounting, leadership, adult instruction, and PMP exam application completion and audit defense. Eric is dedicated to helping Military Veterans profoundly change their lives through project management, entrepreneurship, and AI. Doc served active duty during the Gulf War Era in the U.S. Navy and Post-911 as a federalized California National Guardsman. His project portfolio includes several enterprise-wide financial system upgrades, multiple accredited curricula, retail and customer service delivery, audits, and human capital projects. He has also held many academic leadership and faculty positions and is the past Treasurer of the Space Coast Chapter of the Florida Association of Veteran-Owned Businesses.


Jeremy Burdick, AP, PMPu00ae


Process specialist with more than 20 years of experience leading Project, Program, and Operational initiatives within large, diverse organizations. Expertise in foreign affairs, policy analysis, instruction, training, and development within the aviation industry. Adept at leading small and large high-performance teams toward a common goal, safeguarding operations, assets, and enabling streamlined processes and significant manpower and cost savings. A natural communicator, effectively liaising at all levels, on joint/international collaborations, and within multi-cultural environments. Notable business acumen and leadership in lean process improvements. PMI-ACP training completed and PMP credentialed through the Project Management Institute. A United States Air Force Veteran.

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Kelly Wright, CSM, CM

Director of Staff

Kelly Wright is Director of Client Services with Vets2PM, utilizing her background in business management and experience running a successful Internet-based start-up to provide exceptional client relationship management. Additionally, she leverages her project management skills and abilities to plan, manage, and deliver, project and business process success to grow Vets2PM’s services.


Cathy Miclat

Director of Career Services

Cathy Miclat is a professional resume writer and executive search recruiter with expertise in many industries, including helping transitioning veterans to find their “civilian” voice. Over the past 23 years she has worked in recruiting and human resources, evaluating candidate credentials against specific job requirements, and facilitating overall best fit scenarios.


Garrik Dennis, PMPu00ae

Lead Instructor

Garrik Dennis is a US Army veteran, having earned his PMP certification through Vets2PM in 2017. His project experience ranges from small-unit tactical planning to brigade-level communications upgrades. Garrik is passionate about assisting veterans in their pursuit in earning project management certifications, as well as helping them through the military transition process altogether.

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Bridgett Manning

SkillBridge Program Manager

Bridgett Manning is experienced in all facets of Military, military and general aviation, logistics management and operational planning. Strong leader capable of managing multiple tasks, supervising a diverse team, and exercising sound judgment in stressful situations while keeping the work environment balanced. She is self-motivated, a fast learner with excellent communication skills who enjoys problem solving and adapting to change as a means of overcoming challenges and advancing organizational objectives. Bridgett’s goal is continue to develop veteran opportunities and assist in finding veteran’s lucrative and meaningful careers after their military service.

Jessica Boswell

Jessica Boswell, aPHR

Assistant Program Manager

Jessica Boswell is a Navy veteran who completed our Vets2PM SkillBridge program in the Human Resources pathway and is now our Assistant Program Manager – providing valuable support to the team, our SkillBridge program, and transitioning service members.



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Dr. William Chaddick

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Kirk Hiles, P.E., PMP, MSEn


Kirk Hiles is a retired Coast Guard officer with over 30 years’ experience in project management, as well as naval architecture and marine engineering. He served on three Coast Guard Cutters before coordinating projects at the Program Executive Office for Acquisition at Coast Guard Headquarters. After obtaining Project Manager Level III certification at DoD’s Defense Systems Management College in 1999, he obtained his PMP certification in 2000. A seasoned instructor, he taught Mechanical Engineering at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy while on active duty, and then the PMP Boot Camp course while working at Amtrak’s Enterprise Program Management Office. He has three sons serving in the Army and Air Force; the youngest became a PMP after taking the Vets2PM Boot Camp Plus program. Kirk is committed to using his Project Management experience with Vets2PM to help transitioning service members jump start their second career.


Misty Moreno, PMP, aPHR, PHR

aPHR Course Creator and Instructor

Misty Moreno is the mother to Maximus and wife to Johnny. Misty and Johnny have been married for 17 years. Misty retired from the Air Force after 20 years. She finished her career at U.S. Air Forces Central as the Executive Assistant to the Manpower, Personnel, and Services Commander. Misty is a LinkedIn success story as she was recruited by Continental in June of 2020. She is a Lean Manufacturing Coach and Head of Project Management. Before retiring, Misty utilized Vets2Pm to achieve her PMP certification. She also utilized the career services offered by Cathy to help create a resume that accurately reflected her military experience in civilian terminology. In March of 2021, Misty reached out to Vets2PM to discuss creating an HR certification prep course and it launched in September 2021. She also is an instructor for the PMP Boot Camp Plus course. Misty’s mission is to help veterans fight a different battle on a new battlefield and she does that through her social media and course offerings.


Max Rodgers


From the moment I first learned of Vets2PM, and subsequently met Eric “Doc” Wright, I knew I wanted to be part of the organization because I am a Vets2PM! When I transitioned from the Navy to retirement in 2000 there was no organization like Vets2PM, so I had to blaze my own trail without much assistance. As a Civil Engineer Corps Officer, I worked as a Project Manager for over 15 years and along the way earned a Master of Engineering and a Master of Science in Construction Management. Earlier during my four-year enlistment in the Marine Corps, I had also gained experience in managing projects and leading other Marines.

After retiring and taking several years off to follow my dream of sailing my own boat through the Eastern Caribbean, I returned to the good ole USA to discover what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. Upon return to Florida, an old college buddy informed me of a company in the panhandle of Florida that was hiring project managers. I applied for, was hired and thus began my 12-year career as a Project Manager in the Oil and Gas Industry. I obtained my Project Management Professional (PMP) certification in 2011 and enjoyed great success while managing numerous projects. I was eventually offered the opportunity to join several other colleagues in forming our own engineering and project management company. I retired from the Oil and Gas Industry in the Spring of 2019 after managing a very enjoyable portfolio of projects and achieving financial security along the way. I now reside in Southwest Florida and enjoy assisting the next generation of Vets2PMs obtain their PMP credentials so that they too may pursue the profession of Project Management and reap the financial rewards that accompany that pursuit.

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Michael Chin


Well-versed project/program manager in both the military and civilian sector and is currently fulfilling the role of Director of Client Ops. Has led cross-functional teams from procuring and implementing multi-million-dollar software upgrades to standing up new innovative units within a larger organization.

Foundationally rooted in believing, relationships matter!!! Loves meeting new people, as many people as possible, and has made life-long friends throughout the years during travels across the globe from Japan to Germany, then England, and it’s Alaska [which will always have a special meaning].

Competencies: communication, disciplined, driven, growth mindset, CPI, systemic thinker, Agile Coach


Brian Niswander, MBA

Interview Skills Workshop Facilitator

Brian Niswander is an Air Force Veteran with over 24 years of experience with Fortune 500 and public sector organizations with a diverse career that includes marketing, management, strategic planning, global distribution, supply chain, and manufacturing. During the seminar, you’ll learn his unwritten interviewing rules that have been developed through first-hand experience as a hiring manager, job candidate, interview coach, and marketing professional.