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Nature, Nurture, and the Veteran’s Creed?



As I was leaving the local Boathouse store buying supplies to work on a small project on my sailboat Pegasus, I looked up and saw these colors flying proudly from a multi-yard armed nautical flag pole against a gorgeous Space Coast Florida sky.


You see our nation’s Stars and Stripes, our great state of Florida flag, the Blue Line flag, and the Gadsden flag.  The instant I looked up, I had three thoughts pop into my noggin immediately…


First, as a military veteran, second-stage emerging business owner, tax payer, citizen, and patriot, I love living on Florida’s Space Coast in Brevard County on the mid-Atlantic.  This is store is on the Indian River, and across the causeway is where I live and where Pegasus is berthed; on the barrier island a mere few blocks from the Atlantic.


Second, that led to the unconscious recitation of the Veteran’s Creed;

  1. I am an American Veteran
  2. I proudly served my country
  3. I live the values I learned in the military
  4. I continue to serve my community, my country and my fellow veterans
  5. I maintain my physical and mental discipline
  6. I continue to lead and improve
  7. I make a difference
  8. I honor and remember my fallen comrades


And third, “Wow!  Florida is gorgeous!”.  It was as warm as the sky looks!


I felt then, and now, grateful.


Thank you to my family, friends, team mates, ship mates, brothers and sisters in arms, veteran customers, and our Corporate America clients.  I and my team are proud to uphold the creed for our shared benefit.


One team, one voice, one fight; help military veterans become project managers so they achieve meaningful, lucrative post-military service careers.