Here’s the “how to dos” so you can complete the “what to dos”?

As military members, professionals at arms, reintegrate back into the civilian workforce, they’re told X things to do in their 3-day transition class.


Things like “Write a resume”, “Target your resume”, “Find a mentor”, and “Stop speaking military/your military occupation”.


They’re well meaning indeed, and heck, even necessary.  But often lacking in detail how to do them.  Instruction.


That’s why I wrote How To Speak Civilian Fluently!, a book that walks the reader through these things, along with how to translate your military occupation experience into the capability to solve problems in their environments, the key to a successful reintegration.  It helps the military veteran and the organization that hires them.  It enhances competitive advantage, productivity, and profitability for the organization, and self-esteem, confidence, mission and purpose, and positive mental health for the veteran.


Let’s get it into every HR shop in Corporate America and every TAP class DoL puts on across DoD’s forts, posts, camps, stations, and bases.

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