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What do I get in your PMP® Exam Prep+ course?

Everything you need to transition from military Leader or Veteran to civilian Project Manager! You’ll receive:

  1. PMI® Application assistance with what we call the Application Translator
  2. Personal PMP® application audit defense by Dr. Eric A. Wright, PMP®,
    ACP, CIA (inactive); we have successfully defended countless audited
    applications with PMI. We have not lost one yet!
  3. Training using the only PMI® Authorized PMP® Exam Prep Guide and curriculum plus our proprietary additional content using military project examples that parallel civilian projects for ease of learning and translation.
  4. A full-color digital Student Guide, Study Plan, and a full suite of project management documents depicting a real-life project for reference.
  5. Recordings of our course, so you can re-watch at your own pace or dive in deeper to a subject area you want. No wonder our first-time go pass rate is 94%, and our second-time pass rate is 100%! Yep, we stick with you until you pass!
  6. Provide you with lifetime PM career mentorship and placement assistance.
  7. All for some of the lowest prices in the marketplace!

The virtual classroom is open every Webinar session, and participants actually use their Web cameras, microphones, and chat function to interact with the instructor and other participants in real-time, all from the comfort of their home!

You can attend our live instructor-led, monthly Webinar from the comfort of your own home any month you wish, and in classrooms at select locations globally. High interaction with other participants and instructors occurs in both formats; in fact, we have seen no difference between them in terms of our 94% first-time pass rate, and our 100% second-time pass rate.

Both live courses, onsite and virtual Webinar, are 40 Actual Hours long, yielding the 35 minimum PMI-required Hours. Additionally, the average PMP® finds that 1-2 hours of studying per day, for 3-6 weeks, prepares them to successfully pass the PMP® exam.

Check out our available training here.

Instructors provide instruction through Power Points, anecdotal stories, interactive exercises, polls, and videos. As adult educators, we have built our curriculum and delivery method in a manner that engages all learning styles.

No, individuals must receive PMI acceptance of their application and schedule their exam with the Pearson Vue testing center of their choice. You can find more information on the test here.

No, individuals must receive PMI acceptance of their application and schedule their exam with the Pearson Vue testing center of their choice. You can find more information on the test here.

Yes. Project management is applicable to projects in any environment. We specialize in transitioning military but welcome all students and we have trained thousands not affiliated with the military at all.

You don’t get less busy with time or during transition, start sooner rather than later! Getting certified while still serving is not bad, it will help you do your job better, faster, more efficiently. Plus upkeep on your certification is made easy at


Yes, it is a strong block to have checked, along with a 4-year degree, but like rank in uniform, it conveys only baseline capability. You’ll still need to discuss your ability to run projects in terms of outcomes and do research on the industry you’re seeking employment in. You can research companies, connect with their employees, and begin informal mentoring relationships to develop an industry-specific context. We have helped aircrews go into IT; IT experts into construction; and logisticians into healthcare.

Student Resources

What books will I need?

Just be ready to take notes! We provide you digital copies of the PMI® Authorized PMP® Exam Prep Guide, Student Guide, Study Plan and much more

Yes, you’ll receive detailed instruction and email phase gates to monitor your progress, and ensure you’re on track easily and accurately.

There is only one place you can change your account email and that is by visiting the “My Account” page, all of your details can be changed here.

Your Account Password can be changed in two places;

If you are logged out you can visit the login page and choose “forgot password” and follow the instructions.

If you are logged in you can visit the “My Account” page and all of your details can be changed here.

Now that you have your certificate, you will need:

  1. Get your application to test complete depending on your program
  2. Study hard! Please utilize the “Study Plan,” students that do pass, ones that don’t, don’t
  3. Schedule and take your certification exam(s)
  4. Let us know how you did! Contact Us

Yes! We have partnered with The Veteran Project Manager Mentor Alliance and created a digital mentor platform staffed by volunteer successful PMs to provide professional development mentorship. Find more information


Funding Sources

Do you accept Army Credentialing Assistance (Army CA)?
Yes, we certainly do. You will need to request an invoice from us to include with your credentialing goal.

Yes, we certainly do. You will need to request an invoice by selecting an event and proceeding to check-out. You will include this with your credentialing goal to be approved by your supervisor. Afterward, you will need to go back into the AF Cool portal and submit 2 funding requests, one for Books, and the other for the exam fee, both of which need to be approved by your supervisor.

Yes, this is a regular process we handle, please fill out this template and route through your commander, resource advisor, then to the Government Purchase Cardholder.

Yes, we have had several Officers that have had success getting their unit to fund their attendance via the SF-182 process. Please click here to download a SF-182 with our admin portion pre-filled out to route through your command for approval. Once SF-182 is approved, I will need to know who the invoice needs to be made out to (Usually your RA/RM/S4/Comptroller) to make payment via Government Purchase Card.

Yes, Military Veterans and Spouses may be eligible for funding via MCCC. Military Corps Career Connect, better known as C3, is a workforce lead initiative aimed at reducing the unemployment rate of veterans and active-duty spouses in Maryland. Transitioning active duty service members, active-duty spouses, and recently separated veterans (non-retiree) are provided a customized set of services that allow them to successfully transition careers. C3 is funded by a $4.2 million National Dislocated Workers Grant from the US Department of Labor.” Please let administrator@vets2pm.com know once your funding requests have been approved or if there are any questions.

Unfortunately, the GI Bill does not cover preparatory courses for certifications at this time. It will reimburse you for the cost of the exam however and the process is covered here:


Yes! Check out www.vets2pm.com/skillbridge/ for more information.

To request an invoice, navigate to the event/class you would like to attend, add it to your cart by clicking the “Request Invoice or Pay Now” button. Review your cart and click “Proceed to Checkout.” Ensure you have “Request an Invoice” selected as your Payment Method and process your order. If you need to make a change to your invoice, including changing the event/class you’d like to attend, just repeat the process.

Employers & Recruiters

What is Purple X and how can it help our company?

PurpleX, our cultivated, proprietary candidate database is a unique tool available to recruiters, hiring managers, and talent acquisition professionals, and contains thousands of candidates, trained and/or credentialed in the PMP® & other highly sought-after industry certifications, possessing breadth of expertise across Technical, Business, and Operational disciplines. PurpleX candidates are mostly alumni of Vets2PM, but also includes other select Veterans and military spouses. You will even find a few non-veterans. All candidates in PurpleX have a relationship with Vets2PM, have requested inclusion in the database, or are past candidates from our job postings. We do not ‘inhale’ people from other sources. In fact, we do daily quality assurance of the database and discard candidates who are not qualified to be in the system.

PurpleX candidates are all professional, educated, vetted, motivated, flexible, and interested in exploring roles with leading civilian organizations and government contractors.

PurpleX grows by approximately +/-60 candidates per month, and a PurpleX subscription includes a fee Corporate Partnership for the term of the subscription.

Every PurpleX subscription comes with two user credentials. Additional user credentials can be purchased for $200 each for the term of the subscription.

There is a serious gap between transitioning veterans, their ability to accurately convey their expertise, and a hiring company / prospective employer’s ability to identify and understand a candidate’s worth when their resume contains only ‘military language and acronyms’. The candidates in PurpleX have resumes that have been translated into civilian-understood terminology, with titles that convey their responsibilities, and makes identifying and hiring veteran professionals just as easy as hiring civilian candidates.

Corporate Partnership is a great way to draw veteran candidates to your website, to learn about your company, and view your open career opportunities. When you subscribe for a Corporate Partnership you include a website-quality company logo and a write up about your company and instructions on where to link both to your website (home page, careers page, etc.) Vets2PM draws thousands of viewers per month – all veterans interested in their transition and thinking about their next career move.

By choosing job posting services you will have the choice to post a single job, two jobs, or subscribe to six-month, or one-year of unlimited job postings. You can take care of everything directly from our website, including uploading your job description. You job will be posted on our website for maximum exposure. With six-month and one-year plans you can post as many jobs as you like and switch them any time. When you post a job, you can include a link to the actual job posting and instruct candidates to click on the link to apply, or they can click ‘apply’ directly on our site. If the candidate applies directly from our site, we will forward the resume to you immediately.

Project Management as a Service. We have many candidates interested in consulting assignments and we will source our candidate pool to fill your temporary, remote, or ‘try before you hire’ project management job requirements. We employ the Veteran and put them to work on your jobs.

Resumes & Job Opportunities

What are the resume services all about?

As part of your Boot Camp Plus program, you will get access to the resume builder course that will help us create a resume for you, translating your military experience into civilian-understood terminology. We use the information from the course to create your resume. 

Our Boot Camp Plus program includes a 2-page (usually) Standard resume geared toward private industry or government contractors. A Federal resume is much more involved, much longer, and contains much more detail. If you are interested in a Federal resume, we can provide that for an additional fee.

Once your course starts, and you complete the resume builder course you will receive a reply that tells you we have added you to the resume queue. We can adjust your timeline and work with you if you need to accelerate, please just Contact Us.

No! It is a free service we provide Veterans!

We only provide one resume per student, however, usually one resume is more than sufficient. Your objectives may seem different, but usually they fit well into one resume. We provide information on how to easily adjust resumes toward job descriptions, which doesn’t require rewriting the resume for each job you are interested in. We have a generic cover letter template that we can provide you that helps target your expertise toward specific jobs. You’ll love it and it has proven to be very helpful, especially early in your transition.

Unfortunately, we don’t have enough time to create or revise LinkedIn profiles, and LinkedIn has very strict rules preventing multiple people from logging into one person’s account. The course will provide LinkedIn optimization strategies.

Because we help military veterans transition into meaningful and lucrative careers…and more…we wanted to ensure we help you with ‘The Next Chapter,’ your job search! In fact, even if you’ve been hired after your transition, you may be interested in an even better job down the line, and that’s why we provide lifetime placement services.

Every student is entered into our Applicant Tracking System (ATS), named PurpleX. This is the system we use to manage our alumni, now called ‘candidates.’ By having your resume entered into PurpleX you are visible to us and our trusted Corporate (Employer) Partners who are interested in hiring Veterans. Each Corporate Partner on the website tells a bit about their company and has links to their website so you can review their open job descriptions, some of which are posted on our Job Opportunities page.

Company/Organizational Training

Do you only train military/veterans?

No, we certainly train everyone to successfully learn and obtain certifications. We have performed organizational training for several corporate clients in the past and can address your company training needs. Please contact us for details

We have conducted classes across CONUS locations and several OCONUS as well including UK, Germany, Japan, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, and more.

It is best for us to review your requirements and meet your specific needs, then scope our offerings accordingly. Please Contact Us to discuss the scope of the training and we will provide an estimate for our services.

SkillBridge Military Member

Can I find my own company to do a SkillBridge with?
Absolutely! Vets2PM would be happy for the opportunity to facilitate an internship with any company.

That’s okay! Vets2PM is a DoD Approved third party provider and can facilitate a SkillBridge for you.

Yes. We know how important maintaining your Veterans Affairs and medical appointments are and we educate all of our Host companies on the immense impact these appointments can be to a successful transition. Please coordinate all appointments with your Host Supervisor, and provide them as much advanced notice as possible.
Yes, in fact, we recommend that you don’t put all of your eggs in one basket and continue to apply and interview.
Yes. You will receive an interview with your host company at some point in your internship.
Yes. We know that some companies, due to fiscal restrictions, are unable to commit to a full-time position. But, that doesn’t mean they can’t provide a positive learning experience for our transitioning veterans. You never know, our veterans are amazing and provide a lot of value added to a company that it may be difficult to refuse providing you a job offer!
Vets2PM mirrors the hiring model of many companies. We provide resumes of our candidates who apply for their positions. The host can then interview the candidates and make their selection.

You can technically apply at any time. However, unless a company is doing a scheduled or cohort style internship, they rarely select a candidate that has a 6 month or later projected start date. But that’s okay…if you are projected to separate or retire in the next year, it’ll give you more time to monitor our SkillBridge opportunities on our job Board. We are ALWAYS adding more companies and more SkillBridge Internships.

Once you fill out our Interest form, you will receive an email (please check your SPAM…sometimes that’s where we end up). That email will tell you the next steps. But, you don’t have to wait for that email to take a look at our SkillBridge opportunities and apply directly from the Job Board.

Well, sometimes the internet just doesn’t work like it should or doesn’t like what you uploaded as a resume. Please verify that the system did not “error” out on you while filling out the SkillBridge interest form by scrolling to the top of the page and look for any error messages. Keep in mind if you used a .mil email address the military servers probably filtered your email.

The Vets2PM team will send you an email following your application, and we will either send you a note to ask questions, or will present you to the host company. As soon as we hear from the host company we will contact you. We will work hard to assist you on your journey to find a SkillBridge Internship. This team knows how valuable this program is to a successful transition so we, again, recommend not putting all of your eggs in one basket. We want you to be triumphant in finding the “right’ match so look around.


For more program information, please refer to the DoD’s SkillBridge info page www.skillbridge.osd.mil and each service specific guidance or ask the Vets2PM team.

We have a chat function on the site or you can email us at administrator@vets2pm.com.

Interested SkillBridge Host Company

I am a representative of a company that would like to find a service member to host for a SkillBridge Internship. How can we do that

We are the “easy” button for your company. If you are interested in our program, have a question, or want more information, you can fill out our “SkillBridge Corporate Interest” or Sign-Up form at www.vets2pm.com/skillbridge/ca

Yes. We do charge a small Administration fee.
SkillBridge Interns remain on Active Duty and therefore continue to receive their normal pay and housing allocations provided by the Department of Defense. They also retain their medical insurance while on their internship.
Generally, the SkillBridge program allows service members to participate within the last 180 days of their service commitment. However, service members do have the option to take their Leave (Paid Time off) and in some circumstances are allowed to relocate during this period. Each Service may have their own guidance for duration allowance. Typically, an internship is between 60-120+ days.

Yes, absolutely. We recommend 90-120 days. Although, there are certain circumstances that may call for a longer or shorter internship. Duration is at the discretion of the host company to approve the duration as long as it falls within the confines of DoD’s acceptable time lines.

Yes. An interview is part of our Interns learning experience and integration into corporate America.

Vets2PM mirrors the hiring model of many companies. We provide resumes of our candidates who apply for their positions. The host can then interview the candidates and make their selection.

We advise that you maintain transparency with your intern and set expectations. Some interns will still accept an opportunity with you, even if you know there won’t be an offer at the end because it is GREAT experience and gives them a moment to take the uniform off and learn how to integrate and acclimate to another environment. You never know, your intern may provide so much value added that you can’t refuse to give them an offer.

Vets2PM’s general rule of thumb is that it takes about 30-45 days from selection to complete the member’s Command approval.

For more program information, please refer to the DoD’s SkillBridge info page www.skillbridge.osd.mil and each service specific guidance or ask the Vets2PM team.

We have a chat function on the site or you can email us at administrator@vets2pm.com.

Federal Contracting

Do you have set-aside goals you need assistance with?

No, we certainly train everyone to successfully learn and obtain certifications. We have performed organizational training for several corporate clients in the past and can address your company training needs. Please contact us for details

We are working on getting approved for a GS schedule. Stay tuned!