Our Nation’s Three Rs and How We Help

In National Security terms, “Recruiting” means attracting qualified citizens into the military Branches of the Army, Navy, Marine Corp, Air Force, Space Force, and Coast Guard; “Readiness” means that each Branch is ready and capable of carrying out its specific mission; and “Retention” means the ability to retain our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Guardians so that we’re always “ready” to defend our Homeland and Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and domestic.


And Vets2PM contributes to our Nation’s three Rs; here’s how.


First, if a veteran’s training, qualifications, certifications, and experience can be clearly translated and transformed into meaningful, lucrative careers once they’re done with their military service, they are more likely to join a Branch in the first place, check the Recruiting box.  We specialize in mapping military experience to related civilian careers because we’ve worn our Nation’s uniforms and Corporate America’s suits.  We know what each workforce needs us to look like, sound like, and perform, i.e., act like.  Civilian hiring managers value project managers, HR managers, operational and executive managers, and business development and cyber/IT professionals.  Which means they pay them well.


Second, when our uniformed men and women learn and adapt civilian training, tools, techniques, and processes that can make them execute their missions better, faster, and cheaper, they can do more with less, which is a challenge that every organization I know of has.  This increases their in-uniform Readiness.  In our experience training thousands of individuals and hundreds of for-profit, non-profit, and military organizations alike to increase their project management performance, they also increase their operational, competitive, and financial performance as well.


And third, if the military member’s experience grows wider and deeper with each new assignment and rank, and we can literally certify it with associated civilian credentials like the PMP, ACP, and PSM, they become far more valuable to the civilian workforce, the “CIVDIV” as I call it, which increases Retention because they want to serve longer to achieve more assignments and ranks.  Think PMI’s Certified Associate in Project Management (“CAPM”) for enlisted ranks 1 to 6, PMI’s Project Management Professional (“PMP”) for enlisted ranks 7-9 and officer ranks 1-6, and PMI’s Agile Certified Practitioner (“ACP”) for all ranks, the Service Member now exits the service and more easily and successfully reintegrates back into the CIVDIV because they look like a civilian project manager, they act like a civilian project manager, and they talk like a civilian project manager.  And you know what you call something that looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck right?  Right!  A project management duck!


See.  Vets2PM’s four-step training, translation, certification, and placement process is what the government calls “dual-use”.  And yes, while typically reserved for hardware used in both commercial and defense applications, we assist both constituencies, the Armed Forces and Corporate America.  Which strengthens our Nation’s National Security and Economy.


Do more with less now, while increasing your personal and organizational performance, and creating future salary and career opportunities with Vets2PM’s dual-use training and placement program.



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