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Here’s what our Veterans Say

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As a valued strategic partner of Vets2PM, we wanted to do something special for their students and our nation's heroes. Please use "VETS2PM" as a promotional code on to receive a premier discount.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank your team for the incredible content at Vets2PM. But, I especially wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciate Cathy's time, effort, and energy in assembling my professional resume. This piece of paper makes me look like a water walker!

I know she's busy -- I hope she gets an assistant, a corner office, and a raise soon, haha.

Seriously, though. Thank you for everything from your team.

Kelly, from day one to today, you have been awesome! You are prompt, professional and dedicated to taking care of us through this PMP® journey. I wanted to take a second to say thank you. Eric is lucky to have you on the team for sure.

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I am so impressed with the incredible work Cathy and her team does at Vets2PM — first class all the way! If you’re a Veteran interested in a project management career, I strongly recommend you complete their certification courses. They will make you much more attractive to hiring managers and give you a huge competitive edge at landing high-paying jobs. Vets2PM gets my wholehearted recommendation!

Thank you and the entire team for a rock solid foundation, support, and tools necessary in achieving this goal.

I did it. I just passed the PMP® yesterday! After a month of hardcore studying, and long weekend of cramming I passed the test. I can't recommend the Andy Crowe "how to pass the test" book highly enough.

That test was easily the hardest test I have ever taken. It puts everything I did to get my MBA to shame. The fact that there is two right answers to each question, and you have to pick the 'best' makes it a real challenge. When I pushed the end exam button, I was anything but sure of my results. Luckily, I passed above target in all 5 process groups!

Thanks for the excellent instruction in Yokota. Several of your stand-out phrases helped me in my studies and exam choices.

I recently attend PM webinar in Sep/Oct and during my time Cathy reached out to me and offered to build me a resume. I gave her multiple documents and this week, I am happy to say, she emailed me my resume and I am beyond happy with it. I can’t thank her enough.

Please pass on my appreciation to Cathy and her unmatched skills.

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I love working with Vets2PM because of the talented candidates I speak with who have completed the program. Considering all the candidates come from a military background, you would not expect anything less but when you work with a military vet who has completed this program, they are able effectively speak to their experience and share detailed project experience that someone without a military background understands.

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Parallon is proud to partner with Vets2PM to help recruit our nation’s heroes and advance both our organization’s missions. Through our partnership, we’ve worked closely with Vets2PM to employ several highly-qualified candidates that have seen great success at Parallon. They’re a mission-driven organization with an incredibly talented candidate pool, and we look forward to continuing our partnership!

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Vets2PM helped me translate the military vernacular into civilian language. The best analogy I have come up with is this: when someone buys a house they may have found the perfect place but not go through with the purchase because of something as simple as the wrong color paint inside. If the seller would put a new coat of paint on the walls the house becomes more appealing. Vets2PM helps the veteran “paint” their career with a different color making them more appealing to potential employers. I didn’t learn new skills, instead I learned how to present my experience in a more palatable way to civilians.

Apart from receiving my PMP® certification, the resume service and career skills help has been the biggest continuing help for me in my job search and placement.

Now after seeing several veterans transition I would say you need to take an honest assessment of your military career. Look at what you did in the military, get your PMP® certification, and find a job in a field that interests you. Project management can be a lifelong career or the stepping stone you need to get into a career field where you can truly shine as a veteran.

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We met up with Vet2PM a few months ago as we starting working with veterans and placing them in great positions and companies. A need arose from our clients for Project Managers. Vets2PM was the obvious choice to partner with. They are incredibly helpful, resourceful, and dedicated to assisting veterans across the country! I can send them over a job opening and within 24 hours I have quality candidates ready to interview. Their candidates are the best quality people, veterans, any company can ask for. The candidates are qualified, educated, and have the experience needed. I could not recommend Vets2PM more. Eric, Cathy, and the team over there are PHENOMENAL!

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Vets2PM is such an incredible program, and we are so glad we discovered the organization! The candidates we have worked with from Vets2PM have been incredibly professional, driven, exhibited excellent communication, and other great traits! The individuals from Vets2PM have also been wonderful to work with, and are very personable, responsive, and solution-oriented. We are looking forward to a great long-term partnership to help more of our veterans transition into information technology and project management careers!