Veterans are like…Spider-Man?

Well, more like Peter Parker.

He was bit by a radioactive spider and it changed his DNA. He now shoots webs, swings on said webs, fights wrong-doing and the bad actors doing it, defends the weak, has super-human strength, agility, and Spidey Sense, and sticks to walls.

He looks like a civilian, but he isn’t! As you can see.

That’s our veterans!

They look like us but have been highly-trained and are highly proficient at defending the helpless and weak, running towards gunfire and wrong-doing, and defeating bad actors using their communications, candor, valor, courage, honesty, determination, emotional intelligence, resiliency, vision, dedication, problem solving, decision making, and risk managing skills coupled with an uncanny situational awareness at all times, i.e., Spidey Sense, to do so.

Us veterans look like civilians still, but we will never be one again. Our military experience, our crucible, changed our DNA. We have powers.

Create competitive advantage and safe-guard your organization’s future by hiring qualified, certified, seasoned military veterans.

And in my best New Yorker voice because that’s Spider Man’s city, “I know a guy!”….well, actually a company that can help you. Just flash the V2PM signal…

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