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Real-world experience, training, mentoring, credentialing, networking, and professional advocacy!


All in one On-the-Job-Training-and-Mentoring (“OJTM”) internship program!


Because as a transitioning service member you can still get paid by the DoD while gaining on-the-job-training (OJT) and experience by industry experts. We are also working with 501(C)3 to sponsor training scholarships. 

We understand you and your goals!

Validating your experience and training in the minds of hiring managers is important. We have helped thousands of people through career transitions and we can help you too. We don’t stop at training like most other outfits, we are the complete package of preparation and placement.

Also, we are not just a one-trick pony, we can get you training in Project Management, Cyber/IT, and much more! 

Please review and download the Program Guide in its entirety. Then review this page and website content. Finally, if you have questions not covered in the Program Guide or website, contact for more information and available slots.

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No seriously, that is all. Okay, read up on the programs available and get ready for life to change!

Pipeline Information

Project Management Pipeline

The idea is to transform you into a “Multi-Purpose Project Manager” (MPPM) that has both predictive and agile certifications and experience. You will earn multiple certifications (PMP, CSM, etc.) to validate you in the minds of hiring managers. Next, we provide on-the-job-training (OJT) to fulfill the experienced project manager hurdle.

  1. A 4-year degree
    2. 36 months experience leading projects, i.e. missions or exercises
    3. 35 hours of project management education/training or CAPM® Certification (our training meets this requirement)
    — OR —
    1. A high school diploma or an associate’s degree (or global equivalent)
    2. 60 months leading projects, i.e. missions or exercises
    3. 35 hours of project management education/training or CAPM® Certification
    — HOWEVER —
    Potential applicants not meeting these program requirements may still qualify on a case-by-case basis, which requires an intake conversation with the OJTM Project Manager Internship Program Coordinator, Eric ‘Doc’ Wright, PhD, at

That is the best part, wait for it, wait for it, it is FREE! Well, it is free to the transitioning service member through the DoD SkillBridge program and contributing corporate America contributions.

  1. Provide Veteran Project Manager Interns with a portfolio of real-world experience delivering projects predictively, agiley, and in combination of the two, i.e. hybrid.
  2. Provide Veteran Project Manager Interns with the training necessary to pass and achieve their Project Management Institute Project Management Professional and Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Master certifications.
  3. Provide real-time executive mentorship creating networking and advocacy opportunities.
  1. OJTM PMs will plan and deliver project work using multiple planning and delivery methodologies.
  2. OJTM PMs will plan and facilitate a variety of project management meetings, such as daily Scrums, project status updates, and Sprint reviews.
  3. OJTM PMs will generate and share reports to facilitate project decision-making, covering Gantt, POAM, Earned Value, and Time-Phased Spend Plans.
  4. OJTM PMs will be trained in project management, PMP, and Scrum fundamentals, tools, and techniques to achieve multiple PM credentials.

IT/Cyber Professional Pipeline

The concept is to train to industry hot certifications that make 8570/8140 compliant and provide you experience in the positions you want to get hired in. No more, “sorry, you have the talent we want just not the certifications or experience” routine!

1. The capability to obtain at least CompTIA’s Sec+ certification

2. Experience or serious interest in IT/Cybersecurity career field

3. A current DoD security clearance

Note: If you have all of the above, you are eligible! If you have certifications already, we might be able to extend your certifications as well. 

    That is the best part, wait for it, wait for it, it is FREE! Well, it is free to the transitioning service member through the DoD SkillBridge program and contributing corporate America contributions. 

    Our Process

    We realize you need a 90-day (or less) solution to earn a meaningful & lucrative career. Training is just one piece of the puzzle, click a step below to learn more.


    Step 1: Get Inspired


    Step 2: Get Certified


    Step 3: Get Prepared


    Step 4: Get Placed

    Veteran Inspiration

    You have in-demand skills civilian employers need. You just need some inspiration and translation because you might not know how your current skills apply.


    Learn More

    Get Certified and Credentialed

    We use our decades of experience in developing, managing, and sourcing world-class training to ensure successful and in-demand certifications employers and civilian organizations need and want. Let us handle the research for you. If we don't develop it, we find it.


    Get Training

    Civilian Professional Development

    It is important to walk, talk, and look professional in ways civilian organizations understand. They don't get deployments, TDYs, or PCSs but We do! Certifications are good but you need a great resume, social profile, and interview skills to get the job, we can help.


    Learn More

    Lifetime Placement Services

    We proudly provide a lifetime of placement services with our proprietary, cultivated, and curated database we call "PurpleX." Psst. joining this database is free! Click "Learn More" below to add yourself by clicking the register tab and filling in your information.



    Here's what our Veterans Say

    "The Vets2PM program has a Cost/Benefit superior to other training products on the market. As I gained further knowledge and exposure to the program I learned that Vets2PM is a support group as well as a community of learners".

    ~ Chanel Harris

    "A must take course for transitioning veterans pursuing a project management career. Vets2PM breaks down the civilian language barrier and translates the terminology for vets to better understand".

    ~Nick Roberge

    "The Vets2PM Course and training materials are invaluable in learning PMI’s Project Management concepts. More importantly, the course focuses on helping you "understand the material" and laying the foundation that assists you in becoming a better Project Manager.. The course helped me tremendously in passing the PMP exam! I give the course an A+!!”.

    ~Jose Belen

    "Cathy is amazing, that is all I can say. For months I have applied to many jobs and had no luck. Only weeks after Cathy helped me with my resume, I got few interviews lined up. And a month later, I received my first offer. Can't thank Cathy enough, well, I did call her over the phone to tell her how grateful I am. Thank you Cathy Walters Miclat!"

    ~Harvey Gonzalez 

    "Overall, great experience. You guys are the full package, from VetStone, making the PMI application simple, the course, a great instructor, the resume program, and the future career services, you guys are a full service transition assistance program! Thanks for what you do, and I look forward to working with you guys in the future."

    ~Joey Newton

    I took my PMP exam today and Passed!!! Here’s what I did; I took Vets2PM's boot camp, completed the application, scheduled to test right after the class, studied using the included exam simulator for 6-weeks (3x full tests taken with 75.5%, 78%, and 80%; 1,358 questions answered total), used the boot camp notes, practiced brain dump to include equations until mastered, took the test, and passed the FIRST time.

    I appreciate your instruction as I’m 100% positive that without the Vets2PM boot camp and included question data-base access, I would NOT have passed.  It was still a challenge!!

    ~Justin Ballard

    I would definitely recommend this course and I already have. I'm talking about this course to a few Marines I know and I hope they sign up for it. The more education we can give to each other as veterans, the more likely we will become successful. I appreciate this course and what it represents. I think our training to become leaders is valuable and this course translates it in a way that we can take those skills to the civilian world.

    ~Jerome Estrella

    I have been in so many technical classes but  VETS2PM has been, by far, one of the best experiences I have ever had in a course. What separates you from the rest is the fact I can relearn the objective with the online links we have for a year to go over something I might not understand. I love Mr. Dennis he is defiantly someone I would have loved to work for in the military he was awesome. I have and will recommend Vets2PM to all my coworkers and whoever else I can to let them know what an amazing experience you guys provide.

    ~Gerald Mastrovito

    I thought Vets2PM was just another training company...boy was I wrong. Vets2PM by far exceeded their word and my expectations even two years after I completed the course.  Their staff constantly reached out to me and sent employment opportunities...there is no doubt in my mind this was a major motivator in obtaining my certification with an overall above target!!!  Thanks to Eric "Doc" Wright and everyone at Vets2PM.

    ~Maurice Staley

    Vets2PM ‘delivered the mail’ during Italy’s COVID-19 ‘lockdown’. The Project Management Professional Boot Camp provided the critical link between my military experience and a successful future PM career…Outstanding!

    ~Chief Master Sergeant Nate Zinn