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Tag: transition success

Nature, Nurture, and the Veteran’s Creed?

Yep!   As I was leaving the local Boathouse store buying supplies to work on a small project on my sailboat Pegasus, I looked up and saw these colors flying proudly from a multi-yard armed nautical flag pole against a gorgeous Space Coast Florida sky.   You see our nation’s

Value through Capability gets Lost in Translation

Think about how difficult it is just to survive in a land where you don’t know the language, much less thrive.   It’s extremely difficult at best right!   Yet this is the challenge faced by every single one of the 200-to-250,000 military veterans entering the civilian labor force, i.e.

The Military-to-Civilian Workforce Transition Hole Story

“One day, a military member transitioning out of their military Service Branch and back into the civilian workforce, the “CIVDIV”, fell into the Transition Hole, and he couldn’t get out.   Later, as a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer walked by, the stuck Transitioning Soldier called out for help. The “Senior NCO”

STAR Method for the Interview Win!

In my recent article Using First Principles Thinking to Solve Our Hiring Heroes Problem appearing in the Factory for Innovative Policy Solutions online publication First Principles Thinking Review, I discuss the STAR method of interviewing promoted by SHRM, and why it is with military veterans.[1] “SHRM suggests using situational or

Hiring Process Illustrated

At the risk of oversimplifying, here is the hiring process illustrated.   It’s from the perspective of the folks in an organization in Corporate America looking for a candidate to hire, the functional manager and their HR partner.   And it’s for the veteran hiring candidate’s benefit to understand its

This is Doug; Doug the tug!

Doug, a tug, and its crew and cargo sailed past the Fish Lips restaurant in Cape Canaveral, Florida yesterday, right before I went on stage to present the Florida Association of Veteran-Owned Businesses, Inc. (FAVOB)’s State of the Mission Keynote about how local Florida businesses can Use First Principles Thinking

Journey from Military-to-Civilian Project Manager

Eric “Doc” Wright, PhD helps military veterans achieve meaningful, lucrative post-service careers. Why? Because his own transition was long and dark. In fact, it almost killed him! And, because after 8 years in uniform and 20+ in business, he has figured out what Corporate America needs to see a veteran