Value through Capability gets Lost in Translation

Think about how difficult it is just to survive in a land where you don’t know the language, much less thrive.


It’s extremely difficult at best right!


Yet this is the challenge faced by every single one of the 200-to-250,000 military veterans entering the civilian labor force, i.e. the “CIVDIV”, every year!  They don’t know the language spoken by the civilian mangers that will hire, develop, and promote them, and that language is ‘management’.  Most veterans don’t know what “P&L”, “JIT”, “AP”, “NPM” and “Inventory Turnover Ratio” mean.  But they may well have to.  Their jobs might depend on it!


Conversely, civilian hiring managers don’t know what “Convey Commander”, “Armorer”, “Command Chief”, “SNCOIC”, or “JMO” mean, which means they don’t know to value all of the management and leadership experience held by the military veteran that held those positions.  And that’s the crux of the problem, what I call the “Charlie Brown Communications Problem”.


Each party in the hiring conversation is trying to convey to the other that what they’re seeking they have.  The manager is looking for capability, which is the combination of capacity and ability.  Capability to do what you’re being hired for based on what you’ve done in the past.  And the veteran is looking to translate their “military leadership” experience to the hiring manager, but often can’t, because hiring managers talk in “civilian management”.


And that’s exactly why I wrote the book on How To Speak Civilian Fluently: And Prove It With Your CM Credential!


After reading it, military veterans will be fluent in ‘management’, i.e. they’ll understand common CIVDIV favorites such as “P&L”, “AR”, “AP”, “JIT”, “Inventory Turnover Ratio”, and many others, that every civilian around them understands because they all speak ‘management’ fluently.  Additionally, they’ll also be able to prove their fluency in ‘management‘ by earning their internationally-recognized Certified Manager (“CM”) credential from the nonprofit Institute of Certified Professional Managers (“ICPM”).


After reading it, every veteran reader is better prepared for, and more competitive in, the CIVDIV!  Which means Corporate America, that they will interview better, they will integrate into your organization faster post-hire, and they will stick around longer!  As such, providing every new veteran hire you make with a copy of How To Speak Civilian Fluently: And Prove It With Your CM Credential! will save you money by reducing churn and hiring risk, and increase their productivity and retention!


Get your free copy today for your veteran hires and hiring managers at

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