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Nature, Nurture, and the Veteran’s Creed?

Yep!   As I was leaving the local Boathouse store buying supplies to work on a small project on my sailboat Pegasus, I looked up and saw these colors flying proudly from a multi-yard armed nautical flag pole against a gorgeous Space Coast Florida sky.   You see our nation’s

The Military-to-Civilian Workforce Transition Hole Story

“One day, a military member transitioning out of their military Service Branch and back into the civilian workforce, the “CIVDIV”, fell into the Transition Hole, and he couldn’t get out.   Later, as a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer walked by, the stuck Transitioning Soldier called out for help. The “Senior NCO”

STAR Method for the Interview Win!

In my recent article Using First Principles Thinking to Solve Our Hiring Heroes Problem appearing in the Factory for Innovative Policy Solutions online publication First Principles Thinking Review, I discuss the STAR method of interviewing promoted by SHRM, and why it is with military veterans.[1] “SHRM suggests using situational or

Hiring Process Illustrated

At the risk of oversimplifying, here is the hiring process illustrated.   It’s from the perspective of the folks in an organization in Corporate America looking for a candidate to hire, the functional manager and their HR partner.   And it’s for the veteran hiring candidate’s benefit to understand its

The Fourth First Principle of Solving Our Hiring Heroes Problem

The complex challenge of reintegrating our military veterans, i.e., “heroes”, defined as “people admired for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities”, back into the civilian workforce has persisted since Caesar Augustus in 13 BC! Therefore, it’s time to solve this problem, and First Principles Thinking is a time-tested problem-solving technique


Ockham’s razor.   If you’re like most people I meet in audiences across the US, many of you have heard of it.  It, like all other philosophical razors, is a mental shortcut we use to reduce complexity around decisions and issues.  Ockham’s razor, sometimes spelled “Occam”, was invented by monk

Certify, Staff, and Grow!

That’s the phrase that I close with in my email signature block and that I autograph books with at book signings.   It encapsulates everything I do as a professional; help military veterans achieve meaningful, lucrative post-military service careers.   And although, as a military veteran, I primarily speak to

Join us!

“Movement”.   Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary defines it as “an organized effort to promote or attain an end“.   And that’s exactly what we’ve done at Vets2PM, start a movement to realign perceptions of veterans reintegrated into the civilian workforce, the “CIVDIV”, to shatter myths and stereotypes that keep veterans from

President George Washington was both Prescient and Apropos

That’s because his statement “The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war, no matter how justified, shall be directly proportional to how they perceive veterans of earlier wars were treated and appreciated by our nation”, and we see a decline in the already small

Vets2PM’s Performance Baseline for 2024

Vets2PM, LLC closed out its eighth year helping military veterans land meaningful, lucrative post-Service careers strong!  We’ve helped over twelve thousand of them do just that in 1,167 companies across Corporate America, and they’re all earning $85K+ a year to start, which is creating just north of $1B of economic