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Professional Development

Why Mattering Matters

Imagine one day mattering so much to those around you that their lives literally depend on you doing what you know how to do extremely well so that all of you come home from overseas safely.  Because you’re in an environment where the loss of

Project Management Apples, Oranges, and Grapes

Regardless of what a project will deliver, such as a new or improved Web Site, a new or improved Smartphone, a new datacenter or warehouse, or a new Saturn rover, all projects need planned, resourced, staffed, performed, and controlled.  Controlled means project performance analyzed against

Speaking to Civilians with Ease

Folks paid to be in charge of others to get things done that their organization needs done are called “leaders” in the military and “managers” in the civilian workforce, i.e., the civilian division, i.e., the “CIVDIV”.  This article explains why the same actor has two