Hit the Ground, not the Ball

Unlike other sports, in the game of golf, the ball is stationary, and sitting on the ground.


When you swing the golf club at it, the club’s arc bottoms out on the ground.


Therefore, you should pick a spot on the ground you want the club to brush, and the ball will be just simply be in the way.  This produces what golfers call “compression”, and it makes the ball get airborne, spin, and go forward.  On its intended path.


Career certifications are a lot like the golf ball and a great golf shot.  Getting the certifications are great, they’re the golf ball in play.  But hitting the great golf shot that leads to a great putt that scores is where the money is.  That’s the end state we’re after, in golf, a great game and score to prove it.  And in our post-military service career, a great career that involves meaningful work that we’re paid well to deliver.


Therefore, as a golfer, military veteran, and professional project manager, executive, and educator and trainer with decades of experience doing all, and I’d go with Authorized Training Partners of any professional organization that not only help you get the popular, recognized career certifications, but a gig and paycheck that go along with it.


Vets2PM, i.e., “Veterans to Project Managers”, does that.  We train you, and then we place you.  Don’t stop at just “trained”, go with the full-cycle outfit.  Get the great score too!  Not just a great shot!

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