I’ve always felt “unlucky”.


I can’t grab stuffed items in claw machines, I don’t win lotteries or Bingo, and I’ve lost hard wrestling and golf matches.


That’s how I felt until a mentor once told me that “luck” is nothing more than extremely hard preparation meeting the right opportunity at the right time.  “Lucky” people are able to seize an opportunity at the time it presents.


But appearances can be deceiving right.  They’ve prepared.  They know what the opportunity looks like, and they realize what they can exploit and how, and they understand what success looks like.


This really liberated me, and essential to all of the success I’ve had over the past couple decades.  Why?  Because being prepared is in my control!  And having faith is in my control.  Keep preparing, pushing, developing, until it’s time to go, then go aggressively!  It is now a process, not probability.


And sure, probability does play a role, but it’s far less than the role preparation plays.


Get prepared.  Be steely eyed.  Stay a bit hungry.  Then pounce!  Win.  Be “lucky”.

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