Proof Pudding

Everyone loves it!


And for good reason.  We like to make sound decisions.  And proof helps us do that empirically.  We can be confident in our conclusions and the decisions we make based on them.


You can use proof pudding to help you start a new career or advance the one you already have.  Document your activities, and their impact, and communicate them in your resume, your performance reports, and on your LinkedIn Profile.  Most people around you don’t see you taking care of other team mates, your bosses, your organization and its customers, its vendors, and its mission.  Therefore, you have to communicate your contributions and impact to them clearly, cogently, and consistently.  They should be walking around thinking “Wow!  That [insert your name here] really gets great things done around here!  My work life is better with [him/her] in it!  I sure am stoked they’re on the team/in this company!”.


OK, maybe they won’t think “stoked”, it’s a word I commonly use because I surf…but I digress…you get the point right.


One way to do that, to clearly, cogently, and consistently communicate your value is by using the language of business, which is “management”.  And you can literally certify your experience making an impact wherever you go with your internationally recognized Certified Manager credential from the James Madison University’s Institute for Certified Professional Managers.  It helps you, your career, your managers, and your organization make good hiring and promotion decisions.  Which helps your salary too!


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