The Extreme Value of Mentorship



It’s like a force of nature!


When attentive, wise mentors apply the right amounts of pressure at the right times in the right places needed by a chunk of coal, in time it can become an exquisite, highly valuable diamond.


It helped me many times in my project management career, and it’s why I founded the Veteran Project Manager Mentor Alliance (VPMMA) with Joe Pusz and Amber Schmidt. My LLC Vets2PM helps military veterans realize Post-Military Prosperity by becoming project managers; we translate their military leadership to project management experience, train them to earn their PMP, ACP, and Scrum Master certifications, and place them into Skillbridge internships and PM careers for life. Vets2PM gets ’em to the PM career front door, and then Veteran Project Manager Mentor Alliance (VPMMA) helps them continue their professional development journey once inside the career field.


And that’s the difference between mentorship and coaching and training, investing in the long term tomorrow-then profession versus investing in the here-and-now tactical execution of jobs along the way in the career field.


Train and mentor with the two outfits that codified and breached the gap first to create the “Military veterans make great project managers” space; Vets2PM at and Veteran Project Manager Mentor Alliance (VPMMA) at

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