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Certified Manager

Proof Pudding

Everyone loves it!   And for good reason.  We like to make sound decisions.  And proof helps us do that empirically.  We can be confident in our conclusions and the decisions we make based on them.   You can use proof pudding to help you

Smile! Your Customers and P&L Will Thank You!

“Smile!”.   As a young inside sales representative, that’s what I heard from my supervisors and owners constantly.  And later as a call center supervisor, I promoted the same advice.  And now too?  As a speaker, executive, and business development guy for my companies, I

Certify Both Types of Your Military Experience for Maximum Interview Impact

Many transitioning military service members and veterans have experience running things and running teams.  Therefore, presenting both can really enhance their interview performance.  And certifying that experience before hand?  A potential game-changer!   Things.  Examples of things are gage calibration shops, motor pools, dining facilities,