Certify Both Types of Your Military Experience for Maximum Interview Impact

Many transitioning military service members and veterans have experience running things and running teams.  Therefore, presenting both can really enhance their interview performance.  And certifying that experience before hand?  A potential game-changer!


  • Things.  Examples of things are gage calibration shops, motor pools, dining facilities, armories, tactical operations centers, non-destructive testing, and a myriad other “shops”.  Civilians categorize this experience as “management” experience; planning, organizing, leading, and controlling the daily functioning of something through standard operating procedures (“SOPS”) and policies and procedures (“P&P”) to achieve organizational outcomes.


  • Teams.  Examples of teams are those teams we assemble to conduct exercises and missions; like those teams through which we achieve PFTs, school-house evolutions, weapons ranges and qualification events, security patrols, sorties, promotion boards, dine-ins and balls, and retirement and change of command ceremonies.  Civilians categorize this experience as “leading” experience; as in planning, organizing, leading, and controlling a project team in the pursuit of doing something temporary and unique, i.e., it has a project plan instead of an SOP or P&P manual. 


Since you have both types of experience, management, and leadership, present both and get full credit for them!  Present the management of a shop or two while in garrison or pier-side, as well as a project or two you led in the field or afloat.  It shows you’re prepared for today’s modern management position because you’re able to run your functional area and the teams and projects within it.  The hiring organization gets two managers for the price of one!  An operations manager and a project manager, for only one salary!  And, if you achieve credentials such as the operational Certified Manager (“CM”) or the project-based Project Management Professional (“PMP”) or Agile Certified Practitioner (“ACP”), you literally certify both experience sets!  You make the hiring decision super easy, double the value, that’s proven, for only one salary!

That’s why Vets2PM teaches the Institute of Certified Managers’ operational Certified Manager course, and courses in the Project Management Institute’s project management PMP and ACP, so you can certify both types of your military experience.  Translate and certify your military experience today, check out https://vets2pm.com.

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