Smile! Your Customers and P&L Will Thank You!



As a young inside sales representative, that’s what I heard from my supervisors and owners constantly.  And later as a call center supervisor, I promoted the same advice.  And now too?  As a speaker, executive, and business development guy for my companies, I smile.  A lot.


And it’s not some flimsy, fake one either!  It’s a Duchenne smile!  You know, the kind of smile that wrinkles your mouth and your eyes!


Experts say it promotes trustworthiness, affability, and likability.  They also say you can hear through the phone!  With similar effects!


I think of something I really enjoy, like a moment with my wife, son, or doggie, or a great joke, or how cool this person or event is, and then smile big enough to crinkle my eyes as well as my mouth.


So when you’re in that interview, or on that sales call, or in that networking event, give ’em your best Duchenne smile!  It sets an easy, warm tone upon which to build a pleasurable conversation.

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