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PSM Section 7 – Managing Products with Agility

Overview Doc talks about estimating, delivering, and reporting Scrum project work. Forecasting & Estimating User Stories Velocity Release Planning Sprint Planning Product Value Product Backlog Management Additional Videos User Stories Velocity Product Backlog Refinement Push Vs Pull The Resource Utilization Trap Cumulative Flow Diagram (CFD)

PSM Section 4 – Scrum Overview

Overview Learn about Scrum's pillars and principles that augment the Agile Manifesto. Scrum Overview Scrum Pillars Scrum Principles Additional Videos Scrum in 5 Minutes Scrum of Scrums (SoS)

PSM Section 3 – Waterfall vs. Agile

Overview In this section, Doc compares and contrasts the three fundamental project planning and delivery archetypes, and describes some essential elements to think about to determine which you might use on your next project. Project Delivery Methods Agile Project Management Traditional Project Management

PSM Section 2 – Introduction to Agile

Overview What are the types of project planning and delivery methodologies, how does Scrum agile fit in, and who is Scrum.Org? Doc provides those answers in this video. Learn about the Scrum Framework Develop an agile mindset for project delivery Prepare and pass the PSM

PSM Section 1 – Course Introduction

Overview In this section, we'll learn about the PSM credential, its exam, Scrum.Org, and the popular flavor of agile that is Scrum. Logistics Introductions Course & Resource Overview Exam Mapping overview