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How to Speak Civilian Fluently: And Prove It With Your CM Credential!

by Eric “Doc” Wright, PhD

A guide to obtaining your Certified Manager Certification

This book is a guide to achieving fluency in the language civilian managers understand, which is management, and proving it with your internationally-recognized CM credential!

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Amazon Best Seller

101 Lessons Learned Helping Military Members and Veterans Achieve Meaningful, Lucrative Post-Service Careers

by Eric “Doc” Wright, PhD, Cathy Miclat, et al.

Hundreds of thousands of service members transition into the civilian workforce as veterans every year. Doc Wright and his crew at Vets2PM helps them do so successfully. In fact, these lessons learned are collected from over 30 of the thousands they’ve helped, and presented here in an easy-to-read, practical, enjoyable format. This book makes a great read for the veterans in your life.

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#1 Amazon Best Seller

Game Changers

by Michael LeJeune & Joshua P. Frank

This book is a ground-breaking collaboration from 29 of the Nation’s leading authorities on government sales. The concepts and strategies shared in this book are designed to educate, train, and give you a competitive edge over your competition. Each author has thoroughly tested and proven these tactics and strategies over decades of experience in the government market.

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