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We offer you, Corporate America’s Recruiting and Talent Acquisition Professionals, access to a cultivated database full of cleared, credentialed, and experienced Veterans to meet your HR, Cyber, Project and General Management staffing needs.  

Our Services

Our collection of services synthesize to provide a full professional-development stack our Veteran Clients need and our Employer Customers demand. Producing highly-qualified, low-risk, day-1 professional managers.


We use a cutting-edge curricula, training aids, and learning management system delivered by Military Veterans to provide Veteran Clients with a familiar military foundation useful for building their civilian context.  

Talent Placement

We use our decades of experience developing and placing technical talent to provide our Employer Customers with custom solutions for their job advertising, hiring, and development needs.  

Customized Service

Not all problems, pain, clients, or customers are alike; thus, we can customize your experience. From handing you a resume based on your criteria to giving real-time access, you get the talent you want, not just what we think you want.

Why Us?

# PurpleX Candidates

# of Veterans Placed

# of Companies Placed Into

Millions $$ in cumulative starting salaries

Our Process

We realize you need a 90-day (or less) solution to earn a meaningful & lucrative career. Training is just one piece of the puzzle, click a step below to learn more.


Step 1: Get Inspired


Step 2: Get Certified


Step 3: Get Prepared


Step 4: Get Placed

Veteran Inspiration

You have in-demand skills civilian employers need. You just need some inspiration and translation because you might not know how your current skills apply.


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Get Certified and Credentialed

We use our decades of experience in developing, managing, and sourcing world-class training to ensure successful and in-demand certifications employers and civilian organizations need and want. Let us handle the research for you. If we don't develop it, we find it.


Get Training

Civilian Professional Development

It is important to walk, talk, and look professional in ways civilian organizations understand. They don't get deployments, TDYs, or PCSs but We do! Certifications are good but you need a great resume, social profile, and interview skills to get the job, we can help.


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Lifetime Placement Services

We proudly provide a lifetime of placement services with our proprietary, cultivated, and curated database we call "PurpleX." Psst. joining this database is free! Click "Learn More" below to add yourself by clicking the register tab and filling in your information.