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Fund Your Training

With Army CA

Army CA Fundable Certifications

Click an icon to navigate to the product page and get an invoice. Please read all the instructions below before you leave.

Guidance for FY 23 CA requests follows:

Soldiers can continue to submit CA requests until 2359 EST 11 Aug 2023 through ArmyIgnitED for courses or exams that start in FY23 (through 30 Sep 23).

FY23 CA requests submitted after 2359 EST 11 Aug 2023 will be rejected.

Soldiers must submit CA requests through ArmyIgnitED at least 45 days prior to the start date of the course or exam.

Guidance for FY 24 CA requests:

Soldiers may submit CA requests through ArmyIgnitED beginning 7 Sep 2023 for courses or exams that start on or after 21 Oct 23 (not to exceed 90 days from submission). However, FY24 requests are subject to the availability of funds.

General Army Credentialing Process

REQUEST WINDOW: NET 90 Days & NLT 45 From Start Date (Start No Earlier Than 90 Calendar Days Prior to Course Start and No Later Than 45 Calendar Days From Start Date)

INVOICE: Only one item per invoice is allowed at this time. Example: If you want the course, exam fee and exam simulator you will need three total invoices:

  • One invoice for the course
  • One invoice for the exam fee
  • A third for the exam simulator

Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the exam fee and simulator products.

Get An Invoice

Once you know the certification you want, navigate to the page by clicking on one of the icons above or using the menu. You will need an invoice and our website is defaulted to produce one

  • Go to the correct page (click on the right certification icon above to navigate)
  • Click “select options” or “add to cart”
  • Use package type “Course Only” (because Army requires itemized invoices)
  • Click “add to cart” and then “View Cart” or Click the shopping cart icon
  • Click “Proceed to Checkout”
  • Complete your billing details (this sets up your account), finally,
  • Click “View Invoice” and download the .pdf for uploading into Army Ignited.
    • Repeat for the exam fee and exam simulator as needed. Just add a course then add the extras, then delete the course leaving you with one item per invoice.
  • Contact local education office
  • Recieve credential assistance briefing

Education Counselor

Army Ignited

Army will contact and make payment directly to Vets2PM. We will then contact you and let you know.

  • Check your Army Ignited help desk reguraly
  • Vets2PM will notify you upon payment via email
  • We will send you a welcome letter and final registration instructions via email



  • On-Demand courses will be automatically turned on
  • Live-Virtual courses will also be turned on but make sure you check the scheduled start date and time.
    • Join class by logging into the student portal and inside your course, you will see a “Join Live” button.
  • Onsite courses will be coordinated by a POC and info distributed via email
  • Follow your study plan from the student guide
  • Upload your certificate of completion to Army Ignited
  • Schedule and take your exam



  • Pin on your credential
  • Let us know that you have earned your credential
  • Upload proof to Army Ignited

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