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Tag: talent management

Veteran Hiring Myths…And Truths

Over the past nine years of helping thirteen thousand plus military veterans enter fantastic meaningful, lucrative post-Service project management careers in over one thousand companies, I have run into several widely-held, stubborn myths about us as a population.   And they’re not true.   And they’re detrimental to our hiring

Certify, Staff, and Grow!

That’s the phrase that I close with in my email signature block and that I autograph books with at book signings.   It encapsulates everything I do as a professional; help military veterans achieve meaningful, lucrative post-military service careers.   And although, as a military veteran, I primarily speak to

Join us!

“Movement”.   Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary defines it as “an organized effort to promote or attain an end“.   And that’s exactly what we’ve done at Vets2PM, start a movement to realign perceptions of veterans reintegrated into the civilian workforce, the “CIVDIV”, to shatter myths and stereotypes that keep veterans from

Do Talent Management Profitably and Easy

 “15%”.    That’s the amount of “higher earnings” your company could expect from “choosing the best leader for the job” according to a new Hackett Group study 1.   However, many companies aren’t practicing “talent management”.    We are specialists in talent management, specializing in providing you with qualified, certified,