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Tag: domain experience

The Military-to-Civilian Workforce Transition Hole Story

“One day, a military member transitioning out of their military Service Branch and back into the civilian workforce, the “CIVDIV”, fell into the Transition Hole, and he couldn’t get out.   Later, as a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer walked by, the stuck Transitioning Soldier called out for help. The “Senior NCO”

Mission Statement

It hangs in the lobby, or in an Executive conference room, and maybe makes it into an All Hands meeting once in a while.  Regardless, they can often be anemic at best or hollow at worst.   But a well-crafted mission statement can infuse your organization with meaning, with purpose,

How To Break Out of the ‘No Domain Experience, No Job’ Vortex

Opportunity. Over the course of my work with thousands of transitioning military service members and veterans, many of whom have significant amounts of military project management experience, a common question I get is “How am I going to do this Doc, I don’t’ have any commercial project management in X