Mission Statement

It hangs in the lobby, or in an Executive conference room, and maybe makes it into an All Hands meeting once in a while.  Regardless, they can often be anemic at best or hollow at worst.


But a well-crafted mission statement can infuse your organization with meaning, with purpose, with energy!


I know because ours does.  It permeates our decision-making, our performance, our culture, and our daily behavior.


Let me show you what I mean…


Vets2PM’s corporate culture is the result of our deep conviction for, and commitment to, our Mission, Vision, Process, Values, Standards, and our veteran customers, Corporate America and Government clients, and our great Nation.

Our mission is to help military veterans achieve meaningful, lucrative post-Service careers, which will result in our realized vision of becoming DOD and DOL’s training and transition provider of choice.  A service member is exiting?  They’re turned on to the URLs www.vets2pm.com/training and/or www.vets2pm.com/skillbridge as a matter of course.  It’s a clearly identified resource all hear about.

We manifest our mission and vision through the tireless application of our knowledge, skills, experience, and proven four-step process to: 1. Inspire military veterans with clear, meaningful, and powerful end-states as career Project, Cybersecurity, HR, Business Development, and General Managers; 2. Train them to deliver project, programs, and operational success and obtain corresponding targeted, recognized professional credentials; 3. Prepare them for CIVDIV reintegration with professional resumes, interview skills, and social media savvy; and 4. Place them into meaningful, lucrative post-service careers.


For life!


With faithfulness to our values and standards in everything we do:

1. Integrity, our communications and interactions with others are always truthful, transparent, and clear.

2. Commitment, we always keep our commitments to our clients, customers, teammates, processes and systems, and company image and culture.

3. Excellence, we constantly demonstrate responsibility, accountability, and ownership for all timely, accurate work products we produce.


Does your mission and vision infuse your culture and affect your behavior?  It can have powerful, invisible effects on organizational productivity, financial performance, and competitive advantage.  And so can doing business with companies that are infused with the solidarity, energy, passion, and vim of living their missions and visions.  Check out www.vets2pm.com/training and www.vets2pm.com/skillbridgeca today to find out how refreshing and rewarding it can be!

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