Job or Career?

Regardless of the length of your military service, you received tens of thousands of dollars of high-tech, hands-on formal and on-the-job training in your military occupation, leadership, and followership.  Upon this bedrock, you developed the ability to perform in high-performing teams, model values, manage schedules, budgets, scopes, lead others, and demonstrate resilience, perseverance, responsibility, accountability, communication, and coaching.  As such, you possess the hard and soft skills employers are looking for desperately.

Therefore, in my humble opinion, as both a military veteran and business executive with 26 years of experience in Corporate America, as you execute your military transition, you should be paid well and recognized for this full suite of tools you bring to any post-service employer.  That is why Vets2PM’s motto is “helping military veterans achieve meaningful, lucrative post-service careers”.  Not “jobs”.

There are many Sites and people satisfied, and even proud, to help you land a job.  Not us.  You have put in your time and dues; you deserve a meaningful, lucrative career.  That is what we consider a successful transition.

Just make sure you present the hiring equation to your prospective employers clearly, concisely, and convincingly; Your Value to the Employer > Your Requested Salary.  If you have done your homework using your network connections in those companies via LinkedIn, you know what they value, what they need, whether they fit with you, and how you can help them.

When done right, communicating your value clearly, concisely, and convincingly can land you a meaningful, lucrative post-service career, not just a job.  You deserve it.


Eric “Doc” Wright, PhD, is a Military Veteran, Founder of Vets2PM, LLC and its PDU University, Co-Founder of the national 501(c)3 Veteran Project Management Mentor Alliance, Contributing Author of the Amazon #1 Best Seller Game Changers (, and Keynote Speaker of People Up! The 6 Principles of Navigating Organizational Culture Change Successfully without Sinking the Ship!  His work has helped thousands of military veterans achieve meaningful, lucrative post-service careers by successfully transitioning between two of the most disparate organizational cultures around: the US Military and Corporate America!  In fact, Vets2PM is the 2019 Department of Labor Gold Award Winner for its veteran hiring initiatives!  You can find him on Twitter, Facebook, & LinkedIn with the handle “docwright2012”, or at

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