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Hiring Process Illustrated

At the risk of oversimplifying, here is the hiring process illustrated.   It’s from the perspective of the folks in an organization in Corporate America looking for a candidate to hire, the functional manager and their HR partner.   And it’s for the veteran hiring

Vets2PM’s Performance Baseline for 2024

Vets2PM, LLC closed out its eighth year helping military veterans land meaningful, lucrative post-Service careers strong!  We’ve helped over twelve thousand of them do just that in 1,167 companies across Corporate America, and they’re all earning $85K+ a year to start, which is creating just

Smile! Your Customers and P&L Will Thank You!

“Smile!”.   As a young inside sales representative, that’s what I heard from my supervisors and owners constantly.  And later as a call center supervisor, I promoted the same advice.  And now too?  As a speaker, executive, and business development guy for my companies, I

Do Talent Management Profitably and Easy

 “15%”.    That’s the amount of “higher earnings” your company could expect from “choosing the best leader for the job” according to a new Hackett Group study 1.   However, many companies aren’t practicing “talent management”.    We are specialists in talent management, specializing in