Why Project Management with Vets2PM?

Military Veterans struggle to quantify their unique experience, skills, and abilities into a powerful value proposition to civilian employers…we know because we have been there! However, we also know Veterans have a unique skill-set and experience that directly translates to project management, regardless of their particular military occupational specialty, branch, or rank. Like thousands of others, we show you exactly how to capitalize on it to build a solid bridge to a lucrative, meaningful post-service career as a Project Management Professional (PMP)®.  

Did you know?

Regardless of field or industry, project managers are in high-demand, which means higher salaries. The Project Management Institute, a global profession-governing body, predicts that by 2027, employers will need 87.7 million individuals working in project management-oriented roles.

Of the 3 billion workers in the global workforce, only 51 million self-identify as a project manager, and only about 800 thousand of them hold a PMP® credential. When you translate your military leadership experience into its commerical form of project management, and you validate it with a premiere project management credential, you become the top 1%!

Individuals with experience visioning end-states and metrics of success, making and resourcing plans to achieve success, leading and coaching teams to carry out those plans, and communicating results to myriad of stakeholders in the process have project management experience, skills, and talents. That’s any military leader!

When you convey your military leadership in the terms and concepts of project management, civilian hiring managers, recruiters, and human resource professionals instantly recognize it; and value it! They see and hear a seasoned, familiar project manager.

Due to the complexity of today’s global and national business environments, talent shortages and skills gaps, when Corporate America finds a proven, qualified talent pool, they return to it time and again to meet their needs. Vets2PM is the conduit companies such as Accenture, ADP, Amazon, Apex Systems, Apple, Bank of America, Booz Allen Hamilton, Boeing, CACI, Comcast, Deloitte, Dyncorp, Elauwit, Ford Motor Corporation, Flythe Construction, GE Aviation, Goldman Sachs, HCA, Leidos, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, Parallon, Pentair, Premise Health, Raytheon, Stryker, Tibco Software, USAA, Verizon, Vertex Aerospace, Viasat, and Wells Fargo use.

In addition to self-pay, employer reimbursement, tuition assistance, VA educational benefits, scholarships, and credentialing opportunities online programs have been used.

PM Career Transition

While there are thousands of reputable, effective PMP® exam prep courses available, only one, Vets2PM, provides a comprehensive transition program, because we know that while the credential is crucial, it’s not the end-game; a meaningful lucrative career in project management is. Here is the Vets2PM difference:

Our experienced, credentialed, decorated instructors have all worn a military uniform, have demonstrable, professional platform time, and delivered thousands of projects and programs producing millions of dollars in results for their organizations and clients. They use this unique perspective to deliver a military-grounded curriculum aimed at helping you develop an understanding of PMBOK® Guide application and exam preparation.

We provide you easy-to-use, cutting-edge, Cloud-based, AI-driven translation technology to help you transform your military leadership experience into PMI-acceptable, formatted content for your PMP® exam application, and back that up with personal audit defesne, of which we’ve not yet lost one.

We provide you exclusive access and discounts to materials other Vets2PMs have suggested helpful in their successful transition, which helps us keep your professional development current, your transition success higher, and our prices at industry-leading lows.


You’ll have one year’s access to live-online monthly Webinars, always-on, on-demand video files, audio files, digital texts and learning aids, PMI-approved exam preparation questions, and live course attendance when we’re in your neighborhood! You can take our course as many times as you’d like, and we stick with you until you pass!

Lifetime membership in our closed Alumni LinkedIn Group, providing you with connection to the career field and your peers.

We provide you with an industry-leading 2-page Executive resume, a 4-hour interview skills development workshop, and a proven strategy to build and use a stand-out LinkedIn profile and presence.

As a Client, you have access to coaching and career placement services for life. When you’re ready to change positions, companies, industries, or sectors, we’re here to help you tailor your image and experiecne to sieze the new opportunituy successfully.

You’ll receive notification of new career and career development opportunities occasionally, positioned to help you maintain your credentials and your leadership position on the cutting-edge of your career.

Your professional development needs change throughout the course of your career, so we provide you with a digitial platform you can use to receive and provide mentorship from successful project managers in industry!