USCG COOL Fundable CertificationsClick an icon to navigate to the product page and get an invoice. Please read all the instructions below before you leave.AFCOOL for PMP or CAPM ExplainedGeneral AFCOOL Process(IAW 36-2670, the request window is NLT 30 days and NET 60 days from the course start date.)Get An InvoiceOnce you know the certification you want, navigate to the page by clicking on one of the icons above or using the menu. You will need an invoice and our website is defaulted to produce one

  • Go to the correct page (click on the right certification icon above to navigate)
  • IAW 36-2670, the request window is NLT 30 days and NET 60 days from the course start date.
  • Click “select options” or “add to cart”
  • Use package type “course only” (because AFCOOL wants itemized invoices)
  • Click “add to cart” and then “View Cart” or Click the shopping cart icon
  • Click “Proceed to Checkout”
  • You can add the exam fee or exam simulator (as applicable) during checkout.
  • Complete your billing details (this sets up your account), finally,
  • Click “View Invoice” and download the .pdf for uploading into AFVEC.


NOTE: For the PMI certifications you will need an approved application screenshot (with your name and date) uploaded to AFVEC along with your invoice from step 1. Learn how to apply with PMI here (only for PMP, CAPM, and PMI-ACP certifications)Eligiblity LetterEducational Goal

  • Create your “educational goal” in AFVEC
  • Ensure your supervisor approves it.

Note: The PMP is considered a leadership certification (E-7 and above) and for certain AFSCs like CE to be eligible, check your CFETP.

Workaround: You can use the CAPM certification to get the PMP. We will train you to the PMP level then you only have to pay for the PMP exam out of pocket or use the GI Bill. Then you hold both the CAPM and PMP!Each invoice needs a funding request in AFVEC. Yes, you can have multiple funding requests against one educational goal. For example, 1) course only 2) exam simulator 3) exam fee.

  • Create your “funding request” in AFVEC
  • The testing center is “Pearson Vue” for PMI and HRCI certifications
  • The vendor is “Vets2PM, LLC.” Main Campus (some have had to use “Pearson Vue Testing Center Main Campus”)
  • Upload your invoice from step 1 (itemized)
  • Upload your PMI Approved Application screenshot (PMP and CAPM only)
  • Upload orders (TDY or permissive as needed)

Ensure your supervisor approves each funding request within 7 days.

The CPO (education office) will need to approve it then it will flow to PA (purchasing agent). If it is with PA you are in good shape, if not, you need to work on something.Funding RequestPaymentWhen AFCOOL has officially approved your funding request it will reflect pending PA until payment is made. They sometimes wait until the last min.

  • Check your AFVEC to confirm your status often
  • Upon payment, AFCOOL and Vets2PM will notify you
  • You will need to pass your certification exam to clear your educational goal
    • Take the passing notice to the base education office

Make sure you log in to your student portal and ensure you have your course loaded.

  • Under “Your Courses” you should see the certification course
    • For live classes, check the event details on the certification page
    • For live-virtual there will be a “Join Live” button in the course
  • Complete your survey to get your completion certificate

Class StartExamSome certifications like the PMP may require you to have training hours before you qualify for the exam. In this case, you may need to do another funding request and upload an invoice with just the exam fee. To do this:

  • Log in to the website
  • Navigate to the certification page
  • Add any course to the cart
  • Under “frequently purchased together” add the exam fee
  • During checkout and in your cart delete the course and this will leave you with just the exam fee.
  • Proceed to checkout

Pearson Vue administers the PMI and HRCI exams. To find a testing center near you go to most base education offices have Pearson Vue testing centers. Also, keep in mind you can likely take the exam online at home.PMP Funding With Approved PMP ApplicationAFCOOL requires your PMP Application to be approved by PMI before they will fund your course.

  • First, build your free account by registering on the website and logging in. Click the Register button or Login button at the top of the page.


Keep in mind you can always go the “CAPM Bridge” route to make this a bit easier (click the button above or scroll down).RegisterTake CourseIn your “Student Portal” there is a course called “How to Complete Your PMP Application in Under 60 Mins“. Please complete that course.

  • You can use college or PME for your required 35 contact hours


  • You can use the 35-hour “Silver Bundle” here it will have a PMI claim code for 35-hours on the certificate if you get audited

NOTE: Use the PMP Completion Tool to document your experience (found in the “materials” section of the free course above.AFCOOL will want a screenshot to verify.

  • Screenshot your PMI PMP Application approval with your name in view
  • Upload that screenshot to AFVEC

ScreenshotFollow General Steps NowReturn to Step 1 in the general directions above.Using the CAPM Bridge to Fund Your PMP/CAPM BootcampFollow the below process to get your Vets2PM Bootcamp Plus funded without having to complete the PMP Application Prior to class. After class, if you are an E-7 or above you can flip your educational goal to the PMP automatically!CAPM Educational GoalIf you started off with an “educational goal” in AFVEC with the PMP you will need to cancel that goal and start this process with the CAPM as your “educational goal”.

If you made it this far, I realize this is a lot, we got you.

  • Go to
  • Click Apply
  • Use PME like ALS, NCO, NCOA for the 23 contact hours
  • Application is automatically approved without audit

CAPM ApplicationScreenshotGrab a screenshot of your approved CAPM application with your name in view. Then upload that screenshot in AFVEC under the funding request related to the CAPM educational goal. See step 4 in the general directions above.Return to Step 1 in the general directions above.

Note: Use the “Course Only” option and don’t add the exam sim or the exam fee at this time as AF COOL has been rejecting them.Follow General Steps Now

Do you have questions?