SkillBridge Interest

Congratulations…You’ve taken the first step in matching with a SkillBridge internship through Vets2PM!

The next step is to match with an internship. Remember that you don’t automatically match with one of our host companies. There are steps you need to take. Please read all of the information below to learn how.


A few things to note:

Please Note: Submitting a SkillBridge interest form does not guarantee a successful internship match with a host company. Submitting a SkillBridge interest form is the first step and allows us to collect the essential details required to assist in facilitating your placement with one of our host companies. To ensure efficiency, it is essential for you to take the proactive steps listed below! 

To be considered for our internships, you must express interest by applying/completing an internship application (as outlined below), participate in interviews with our host companies, and subsequently await notification regarding your selection status.
  (This is a very similar process to getting a job, so the learning has already begun!)

Your next step is to visit our job board . Look through the DoD SkillBridge internships that are available with our host partners. 

  • Start applying for internships when you are three (3) months from your available SkillBridge start date. If you apply too soon many companies are not able to consider you, as they are generally looking for people who can start as soon as possible.
  • If your command wants you to give them more notice than three (3) months, feel free to apply earlier; but we may contact you to discuss.
  • Check your email frequently
     including your spam/junk folder, as we will contact you via email if our host companies wish to schedule an interview with you. Additionally, once you express your interest in our program, you will start receiving regular emails from Vets2PM. Occasionally, our messages may end up in your spam folder, so you can search for ‘Vets2PM’ to locate our emails.

If you have found your own host company and they are not SkillBridge Approved, Vets2PM can facilitate the internship for you and your host company. You should send an email introduction to us and your host company so we can schedule a call with them to discuss how our program works and how we can facilitate the internship for you both.

TIP: Do not put all your eggs in one basket. While we would love to place you into an internship with one of our host companies, we suggest you also look at other providers / approved companies to ensure you match with an internship that is right for you. 

TIP: Join our Facebook Group. Vets2PM has a group called: Vets2PM SkillBridge Exchange which can be found here. Join the group and learn more about our opportunities – and other SkillBridge opportunities! (Be sure to answer ALL the questions when you join the group or you won’t be approved.)

TIP: Don’t “Hurry up and wait.” While you have time, take advantage of our training / certification resources which will further prepare you for SkillBridge and your retirement/transition. Some of these programs are AF COOL, Army CA, GI Bill funding eligible. Learn more here.


Are you a good fit?

We understand that you are excited to participate in this great program – but please do not apply for internships that do not make sense for you and what you want to do in the future. 

If you are clearly not fit for an internship, do not apply. This will cause frustration for you and the host company.

Host companies dedicate considerable time and resources to accommodate SkillBridge interns. If you lack genuine interest in their opportunity and the possibility of future employment, refrain from applying. It is unfair to the host company to join an internship solely because it is accessible to you.


Internship Location:

Our internship opportunities are posted on our job board and the location of the internship is clearly stated. If you apply for an internship in a specific location, be sure that you are prepared to live in that location for the term of the internship – and if you are offered the job at the conclusion of the internship. You should consider whether your family wants to live in that location. Where will you live during the internship and after, will you have to return to your command to out-process, etc.?

Remote internships are great – but please ensure that you carefully contemplate the feasibility of working from home. Consider whether you have a peaceful work environment, dependable computer equipment such as monitors, microphones, and speakers, and can attend video conferences during the workday. Additionally, reflect upon whether you might feel a void in personal interaction. These are all factors that warrant sincere consideration.

If you are planning to relocate for an internship – have a plan NOW. How will you get to your new location? Are you prepared to rent/buy in that location (plan ahead), etc. Remember you will be on PTDY status and if you receive BAH it will remain the same as your current duty station, not the new location.


Interviewing for your Internship:

Research the company you want to intern with. Visit the company’s website to learn about the company before your interview. Having a comprehensive understanding of the company and what they do is crucial. That will also show your interviewer that you are not grasping for straws, and you are interested in the company’s mission and vision. 

Once you receive an invite for your interview, research who is interviewing you by looking up their LinkedIn profile.

Dress for minimum dress in Business Casual.

If you are looking for a permanent job with the company at the end of your internship, ask if there is a good chance of that. Some companies hire SkillBridge interns for full-time employment after the internship, but some also just want to support military members and their journey while transitioning from the military. 

How you are a good fit – Despite the fact that the SkillBridge internship may be different from your current military position, understand that your years of experience, knowledge, skills and abilities can be an excellent fit for the internship/role – and most skills will transfer into any industry. Your host company will train you in their industry – that is why they are a SkillBridge host!

Be prepared to ask a few questions (most interviewers will ask at the end of the interview if you have questions). When constructing questions, think about your role, the company, the future of the company, etc.

  • Does the company accommodate flexible work schedule?
  • What are the expected work hours and what is the pay range if hired?
  • Does the company have benefits upon full time hire, and what are they?
  • What is the opportunity for advancement within the company if hired (positions/timeline, etc.)?
  • If the company has multiple locations, are there opportunities to transfer?

Put your thinking caps on…you might get thrown a few curve balls in effort to see how you think or problem solve. The interviewer may also ask about your specific/individual role vs. the team. Think about your individual contributions.

Remove any potential distractions. When participating in a virtual interview, it is important to find a dedicated and quiet environment to ensure minimal interruptions. Demonstrating to the interviewer that you value this opportunity is crucial. (Please refrain from conducting the interview while driving, while at a playground, dog park, or any similarly distracting locations).

Think about what you can bring to their team. You are there to sell yourself!
 Be sure to show them that you are an excellent communicator, work well under pressure, can work at all levels of the organization, are interested in learning their business and will do everything you can to do just that!

NOTE: ** Your rank in the military doesn’t mean anything to most companies. They don’t generally understand rank – and in corporate America everyone has to perform – so show them what you’re made of! **

Be sure to Enjoy the experience!


You have been selected for an internship…what next?

You will be notified by Vets2PM (and possibly your host company) when you have been selected for an internship. THE ONLY TIME you should apply for command approval is AFTER you receive the Internship Approval/Offer email from VETS2PM.

  1. Vets2PM is your approved SkillBridge providerAll paperwork to your command must list Vets2PM as your SkillBridge provider, as per the instructions in your approval email form Vets2PM.  
  2. Vets2PM will send you an approval email including a formal approval letter and training schedule. This should be everything you need to apply for command approval. Please read all documents and emails in full. (Note: training schedules are a guide and actual training timeline may be different). 
  3. Your host company provides your On-the-Job Training (OJT) and where you will be spending your time during the internship. (Note: DO NOT list your host company on your command approval paperwork). 
  4. If you have any questions during the Command Approval process contact your Vets2PM team for assistance.

OJT – On-the-Job-Training:

It is important to remember that the internship is considered your job. Alongside the learning experience, you are also expected to fulfill your responsibilities within the position. The host company will provide training on the necessary skills specific to the internship, their industry, and their company. You will use and acquire skills which are expected to be applied in your role, which is why it is called ‘On the Job Training.’ While the training process may differ from traditional formal military training programs, sometimes learning occurs through hands-on work with a mentor. Upon successful matching with a Vets2PM internship, there is a possibility of receiving additional certification training from Vets2PM. The details regarding this training will be clearly stated in your approval email.

Documents & Forms

  1. SkillBridge page to learn about our program and complete the interest form (you should have already done this.)
  2. Job Board to view our SkillBridge internship opportunities. Only apply to those opportunities marked as ‘SkillBridge,’ as the other are for direct hire opportunities.
  3. Facebook Group: Here is the link to our Vets2PM SkillBridge Exchange group. Join here. (Be sure to answer all the questions when you join or you won’t be approved.)


Who is eligible for SkillBridge?

Active duty military members in good standing; during the last 180 days of service.

Many do, but some don’t because the host company has their own training specific to the internship. This should be clearly stated on the internship posting, during the interview, and definitely within the approval email that we (Vets2PM) sends you when offering you an internship.

You may still be able to participate in SkillBridge, and you should be communicating with your command on this. Typically, without an end of service date it is difficult to go through our process, as we need a specific start and end date for an internship. Please contact us if you have questions.

Yes, you can. Many people do. Keep in mind, however, that you should ONLY apply for internships that make sense for you and what you want to do after separation/retirement.

This will depend on the internship posting. Sometimes, because you come to the program with X years of work experience that can be enough. Other times, there are specific skills or security clearance, certifications, etc., which are required for the internship. Read the posting and make a good judgement. But, remember, you may not start out at the same level in the internship/job as you are in the military. For instance, if you are interested in IT/Cyber but have no experience, you will have to start in an entry level internship/job. There is no way around this. For roles like Project Management, etc., you may start out at a more junior level, but typically will advance more quickly than someone with no work experience at all.