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aPHR Functional Area 5 – Employee Relations

Overview Functional Area Five:  Functional Area 05 | Employee Relations (16%) Understanding the methods organizations use to monitor and address morale, performance, and retention. Balancing the operational needs of the organization with the well-being of the individual employee.

aPHR Functional Area 3 – Compensation and Benefits

Overview Functional Area Three:  Functional Area 03 | Compensation and Benefits (14%) Understanding concepts related to total rewards such as pay and benefit programs. Responding to employee questions and handling claims in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and company policies.

aPHR Functional Area 1 Part 1 – HR Operations

Overview Functional Area One, Part One:  Functional Area 01 | HR Operations (38%) Understanding the tactical and operational tasks related to workforce management and the HR function. Complying with the laws, regulations, and policies that affect the organization.

aPHR Study Plan

Overview Study Plan:  Everyone learns differently, and it is important to study the way that works for you.  The first step for this study plan is to sign up for the exam.  It has been proven that when you know your test date, you prepare

aPHR Start Here

Overview Introduction Video:  Start Here!  Start Here Introduction Resources How to sign up for the exam Exam format Study Plan Recommendation Study Guide One Functional Area 01 | HR Operations (38%) Study Guide Two Functional Area 02 | Recruitment and Selection (15%) Study Guide Three