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Ethics & Professional Conduct

Overview What Is The Code Of Ethics, And Why Does PMI Care About It? Why Is Professional Conduct Important To Agile Leaders? How Is Agile Communication Used On Projects? What Are The Vital Agile Skills & Education Needed To Succeed As An Agile Coach?

Misc. Agile Topics & Information

Overview What Are Agile Spikes, And How It Is Used On The Project? What Are The Key Differences Between MMP Vs. MMF Vs. MVP? What Is The Cone Of Uncertainty? When To Use An Iteration 0, And What Is The Importance Of It? How Are

Agile Activities

Overview What Are Agile Games, And Why Are They Played In The First Place? What Are User Stories, And How Are They Created? How To Estimate Things In Agile Projects & Environments? What Is Product Backlog Grooming, And Who Does It? How Do We Put

Agile Leadership & Teams

Overview What Is Servant Leadership, And Why Is It Critical For The Success Of Agile Projects? How To Create Agile Teams, And Whom To Recruit? Why Are Agile Team Spaces Needed, And What Are The Benefits? What Are The Various Levels In Tuckman’s Ladder What


Overview What Is Kanban, And How Is It Used? How Many Kanban Values Are There, And Do They Tie Into The Agile Manifesto? What Are The Numerous Kanban Principles/Practices, And Are They Important? How To Create & Manage A Kanban Board? What Are The Various


Overview How Is Lean Six Sigma Used In Agile Environments? What Is The Plan-Do-Check-Act Model, And Does It Promote The Agile Mindset? What Are The Various Lean Principles That Are Followed On Agile Projects? How Many Forms Of Waste Are There? What Is The 5-S

Xtreme Programming (XP)

Overview What Is Extreme Programming, And Can It Be Used Outside Of Technical Projects? What Are The XP Values Expressed On A Team? What Are The Various XP Practices/Principles, And How Do They Tie Into The Agile Manifesto? What Are XP Activities Performed By Team


Overview What Is Scrum And Why Is It Called Scrum? How Many Scrum Values Are There And What Makes Them Special? What Are The Various Scrum Practices And How Do The Fit Into The Agile Manifesto? Overview What Are The Different Scrum Roles, And How