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SkillBridge Program Pipeline Overview

Overview Understand what training program you are in, or if you are in the Admin Only pipeline, and what comes with your training program. Call to Action: Click on the pipeline that you are in (separate lesson) to learn more about your pipeline/track.

Add Your Emergency Contact Information

Overview How to input your emergency contact information. Call to Action: Click on the link to input your personal and command emergency contact information:

Tracking Your Time

Overview This lesson covers the how and why to keep track of your daily hours during your residency. Call to Action: Download and use your resident hour's tracker so if your command asks for it you can produce it quickly.

Workforce Tax Credit (WOTC)

Veteran Tax Credit Website Overview This lesson just might be what gets you hired down the road! What is the WOTC and why do you have to pre-certify? Call to Action: Complete the form found in the “materials” section of this lesson. CLICK HERE TO

Bi-Weekly Stand Up Meeting

Click Here To Join The Meeting! Overview This lesson covers our regular meeting we call the “Stand-Up” and it is adapted from the Scrum Framework’s Daily Scrum Meeting. The link and time will be posted in the “OVERVIEW” section so you have the details at

Student Portal Walkthrough

Overview This is a walk-thru of the Free Resources available in the Vets2PM Student Portal. It's available to anyone, so tell your friends to create a FREE account too!

Welcome and Introduction to the Vets2PM Team

Join Our Slack Channel Please Overview This lesson is dedicated to meeting the Vets2PM team. We are truly happy to serve you and help prepare you for the civilian division. Call to Action: Please join our slack channel CLICK HERE if that didn't work try this