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05 PMP Application Course – Conclusion

Overview As we wrap this course up, we just want to say thank you for spending your precious time with us at Vets2PM and we hope you enjoyed the course. Call to Action: Make sure your application is completed and submitted for review to PMI.

01 PMP Application Course – Introduction

Overview Doc introduces you to the PMP and what this course is all about...getting your PMP application submitted for approval before the end. Make sure you downloaded the course materials on the course main page and follow along. Call to Action: Mark this lesson complete.

PMP Application Translator Overview The PMP Application Translator, found in the "Materials" section is designed to assist you with submitting your PMI PMP Application on Please watch both the videos and then begin to look at the narrative "Project Description Generator" on sheet 2. From there

Five Interview Lessons

Overview Head to the "Materials" section of this lesson to download Misty Moreno's "Five Interview Lessons" for a quick reference guide on how to be successful during interviews. Misty created the aPHR course for Vets2PM, you can find more information about it here: