Beyond the Agenda – Putting Facilitation to Work to Improve Project Management Results

Beyond the Agenda – Putting Facilitation to Work to Improve Project Management Results

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In this course you will earn 2.0 Professional Development Units (PDUs) toward PMI Certifications.

Facilitated meetings, sessions and workshops are essential to accomplish critical project management activities and deliverables such as scope creation, team building, and conflict management and resolution.  Therefore, project managers who master facilitation skills are sought after and create a competitive advantage for their projects and their organizations because running effective, efficient facilitated meetings leads directly to better a project outcomes such as timely, accurate completion and fluid, clear communication.

“Beyond the Agenda: Putting Facilitation to Work to Improve Project Management Results” delivers on the promise to equip Project managers with the skills needed to excel – regardless of experience.  Beyond the Agenda is presented in a unique format where participants have a “seat at the table” to join and learn from two Certified Professional Facilitators with 57 years of combined real-world facilitation experience and thousands of hours training project managers in facilitation skills.  Join them for a story-based interactive discussion that will enable you to “walk away” with skills you can apply immediately and are guaranteed to improve the way you run meetings, workshops, programs and conferences to include the Learning Objectives identified below.

Finally, Beyond the Agenda includes demonstrations and role plays and provides participants with self-directed asynchronous activities to apply learned skills.

Learning Objectives

  1. Describe the role of a facilitator and value of facilitation skills.
  2. Describe how to successfully start a session that creates business and project alignment, establishes momentum, and reduces team member and stakeholder dysfunction and increases team member and stakeholder satisfaction.
  3. Learn how to develop and ask; Initial, Guiding, Responding and Closing questions that build trust, ownership, and motivation.
  4. Learn how to provide clear and compelling instructions that ensure participants understand their tasks and contributions and that increase buy-in to assigned activities and processes that lead to successful projects.
  5. Learn how to successfully plan for a follow-up to meetings, sessions and workshops that “make easy” often-times challenging project management work.