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Fund Your Training

With the GI BILL (Under Construction)

GI Bill Fundable Certifications

Click an icon to navigate to the product page and get an invoice. Please read all the instructions below before you leave.

General GI Bill Process (please review the VA website for specifics)

REQUEST WINDOW: You must pay out of pocket then you will be reimbursed using the below process.

Get An Invoice

Once you know the certification you want (currently PMP only), navigate to the page by clicking on one of the icons above or using the menu. You will need an invoice and our website is defaulted to produce one

  • Go to the correct page (click on the right certification icon above to navigate) Currently 
  • Click “select options” or “add to cart”
  • Use package type “Course Only” (because the GI Bill only has the $1287 and $1947 on file currently)
  • Click “add to cart” and then “View Cart” or Click the shopping cart icon
  • Click “Proceed to Checkout”
  • Complete your billing details (this sets up your account), finally,
  • Click “View Invoice” and download the .pdf or change the button to “Credit Card” and pay.
  • Keep your receipt for reimbursement.

NOTE: The page on the VA website does not say you can be reimbursed for certification training; however, we have confirmed they are paying for it but it is new to them so be persistent. Please set up a “QuickSubmit” account using the below.

Set up a QuickSubmit account how to

VA Website

VA Form 22-0803

You’ll need to fill out an Application for Reimbursement of Licensing or Certification Test Fees and certification training (VA Form 22-0803).

Get VA Form 22-0803 to download

Example VA Form 22-0803 to download

Note: Please print (mail) or upload (QuickSubmit) proof of payment (receipt) and completion of both training and certification (Certificate of Training and Score Sheet pass/fail) with your application.

  1. Upload your completed application through QuickSubmit
  2. Mail – Find your  VA regional processing office for mailing
  • Download and attach our WEAMs document and SAA Approval Lettere: Download

Approval Document

Do you have questions?