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PMET Sprint Retrospective (08:09)

Overview The Sprint Retrospective is right after the Sprint Review and an opportunity for the team, the whole Scrum Team (Product Owner, Scrum Master, Development Team) to discuss how the Sprint went. What we did correct and what needs improvement. Try to fix it in

PMET Sprint Review (07:07)

Overview The Sprint Review is where you demonstrate your work to your customer, stakeholders, and Product Ownwer. It is a chance for inspection and feedback on all the work your Development Team has accomplished during the Sprint.

PMET The Sprint (15:01)

Overview The Sprint is the heart of Scrum and plays a vital role in delivering value because the Development Team does the work during the Sprint. Keep in mind it is only 1-4 weeks long. Shorter sprints equal less risk.

PMET Change Plan, Log, & Request (19:50)

Overview During the course of your project change is inevitable. Thus, as a project manager, you must embrace and manage change. Three items will assist you in this and they are your Change Management Plan, Change Log, and Change Request. The Change Management Plan is


Overview Different project methodologies use different words with different meanings when delivering small increments of value. During this episode, we are uncovering the differences between Minimal Viable Product (producing a product/prototype), Minimum Business Increment (not a product but a feature that increases business value), Minimal

PMET Business Documents (12:47)

Overview Projects typically get their beginning well before the Project Manager is assigned and before the Project Charter is signed by the Sponsor. It all starts with a business need (what product, service, or result does the business need). This need drives a Business Case

PMET Gantt (16:25)

Overview A major tool that spans your project's schedule, budget, communication, stakeholder engagement, resources, etc. is the Gantt chart. This bar chart has a ton of power to display your tasks in a visual way to communicate to your team and management.