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Scissor Lift Safety (8000.51)

Overview During this course you will learn about safety practices for scissor lifts, inspections needed, regulations that must be followed as well as safe operating procedures.

Stop Work Authority (8001.45)

Overview During this course you will learn about the worksite program designed to provide employees and contract workers with the responsibility and obligation to stop work when a perceived unsafe condition or behavior may result in an unwanted event

Venomous Things in Texas (8000.92)

Overview During this lesson you will learn about various dangerous and venomous bugs such as wasps and spiders, as well as a few poisonous snakes to be aware of in case you ever come across them in the wild.

Walking and Working Surfaces (8001.4)

Overview During this course you will learn about the OSHA updated regulations for Walking and Working Surfaces and the new regulations include requirements for Personal Fall Protection Systems (PFPS), updating and clarifying standards, and adding training and inspection requirements.

HAZWOPER Refresher (3120.04)

Overview This HAZWOPER Refresher Course contains 13 lessons: HAZWOPER - Decontamination (3120.20) HAZWOPER - Drums and Containers (3120.21) HAZWOPER - Emergency Response at Uncontrolled Hazardous Wastes Sites (3120.22) HAZWOPER - Emergency Spill (3120.23) HAZWOPER - Hazard Analysis (3120.24) HAZWOPER - Hazards Associated with HAZWOPER (3120.25)

Conflict Management (8001.64)

Overview During this course, you will learn about what conflict management is, how to know if you have it in your workplace, as well as some solutions to solve it.